By: Sam Crescent

He loved her more now than ever before. Her stomach was still slightly rounded, and he loved her curves. She’d given him three children, and ten years worth of memories.

Beside her was a heavily pregnant Summer, who was on her fifth child with David.

“Come on, Sean, boogie with me.” He held his hands up in the air, shaking his ass and hands.

Sean dropped his head into his hands. “Mom!”

Autumn, his sexy little witch, walked toward him. He was dressed as a zombie, and he stayed still, watching the swing of her hips. She came toward Sean, grabbed his face, and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “What’s the matter, sweetie pie?”

“Mom! You’re embarrassing me.”

What Sean didn’t see was that all of his friends were copying the same dance. Taking his son’s hand, Carter watched as Bethany, Ryan, and Autumn joined hands, and they all started dancing in a circle.

“Own it, Sean.”

At ten years old, his son was struggling with his identity, but Carter was determined to help him. After all, this was his family, and like he’d told Billy, he would take care of it.

After a few seconds, Sean finally caved and did the dance along with them, swinging his arms, and finally letting loose.

For several minutes, they all just danced along to the music, and when the song came to an end, everyone laughed, clapping. Sean hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

“Never forget who you are, son. No matter how much it scares you.”

Sean nodded, and left to go and find some of his friends.

Autumn moved up to him, taking hold of his hands, and dancing. “That was nice,” she said.

Their son had been having a few troubles with his anger. It was strange, watching his son go through something similar to what he did growing up.

“I think we got through to him.”

“He’s lucky to have you as a father. You understand him.”

Locking their hands together, he spun her around, and tugged her close so that his cock nestled against his ass. “I’m the lucky one having a woman who has given me three precious gifts.”

“It’ll be four.”

He froze. His cock thickened as he ran his lips across her ear.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. I’m about to give you another precious gift.” She kissed his cheek. “Do you think you can handle another?”

He held her hand as he pulled her away from the main party in his home, and toward a secluded tree. Pressing her up against the bark, he took possession of her lips, feeling her body melt beneath his touch.

“Does it feel like I’ve got a problem with another?” he asked, rubbing his cock against her stomach.

“I was worried. Sean having troubles—”

He held his hand up. “I don’t care what troubles we have to face, Autumn. We’ll face them together, as a family.” He put his hand on her rounded stomach, and smiled. “No matter what they throw at us, we’ll do it together, as one.” Tears filled her eyes, and he sighed. “Babe, what have I told you about crying?”

“These are not bad tears. They’re good tears. Always good tears.”

Carter had been right the moment he saw Autumn again. She belonged to him, body, heart, and soul. She was his soul mate, the other half of him, and he was never going to let her get away from him.

Eight months later, his third son came into the world, and for the rest of their life, he kept his promise. The faced the world, united together, as a family.

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