By: Sam Crescent


Carter couldn’t have planned it better as he saw the taxi pull up outside of his shop, and smiled. Autumn was paying as he climbed out from underneath a different car. He was wiping his hands on a cloth when she turned around.

“Oh, hey,” she said.

“What can I do for you?” he asked. He knew exactly what she wanted.

“I didn’t give you my cell number, or any way to contact me. I figured you’d need some details to call at least.”

She wore a pair of tight jeans, molding to her nice juicy ass. He wanted her, and his cock had a mind of its own as he started to get hard once again.

“Then let’s go and get your number down.”

“Have you finished with my car?”

“I’m afraid not. I’m having to wait for a part.” He stepped right up behind her, pushing open the door, over her. Autumn stumbled, and he placed a hand on her waist to balance her. “I’ve got you, babe.”

She gasped. It was the quietest sound, but he heard it. Autumn didn’t move away from him, nor did she try to push his hand away. Gripping her waist tightly, he leaned in and breathed in her citrusy scent. He didn’t know if it was from the kind of soap she used or her baking. She smelled amazing.

He urged her inside his shop, which he’d pulled the blinds down ahead of time. If she wanted some excitement, then he was more than happy to provide it. Dirty, rough, exciting, any way she wanted, he was more than willing.

“Thank you.” She turned toward him, and she was biting her fucking lip again, driving him crazy.

Moving his hand up her body, he grazed over her tit, and cupped her face. Running his thumb along her lip, he pulled it out from between her teeth. “You really need to stop doing that.”

“Doing what?” she asked.

“Biting that lip.” Then, throwing caution to the wind, he pressed his cock against her. “Otherwise I’ll have to do something about it, and I’ve got no problems with that.”

“Carter?” Her eyes were huge as she stared back at him. He saw he’d surprised her, and yet from the flush in her cheeks, he knew he’d excited her as well.

“Tell me no, Autumn. Tell me no, and I’ll stop. I’ll get your car, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. No hard feelings.”

She simply stared at him, and he had to wonder what was going through her mind as she did. What was she thinking, feeling? He’d never really cared what a woman was thinking about him. It never mattered. Most often, they were thinking dirty shit, and he loved that. He loved being in every woman’s mind, and the dirty shit was always the best kind. She closed her eyes, and he saw her frown a little, and then her eyes opened.

Autumn spun around in his arms, and he saw the heat and need in her eyes. “Yes. Whatever the hell you want to do, yes.”

“Whatever the hell I want to do?” he asked, gripping her hips, and pushed her toward the edge of his desk. The room was small. Placing her down on the edge, he closed the door, flicking the lock into place.

“What if someone comes?”

“Oh, someone is going to come all right, but I don’t care about anyone else outside of this room.” He moved back to the desk, and pushed her coat off her shoulders. Staring at her lips, Carter had been waiting a long time to do this. Slamming his down on hers, he finally kissed those fuckable lips. When he ran his tongue across her bottom lip, she opened up, and he slid inside, meeting her halfway. She let out a moan, arching up against him. Her large tits pressed against his chest, and he wanted her. Fuck, he wanted her so damn bad, but who was he kidding? He’d spent a great deal of time thinking about sweet little Autumn over the years. As stupid as it sounded, when the leaves started to turn red and fall off the trees, to him it was Autumn. He’d spent a couple of years in England when he’d graduated school. In England, fall was Autumn.

She tugged the shirt off his body, breaking their kiss long enough to get him naked. He did the same, removing her shirt, and throwing it into the pile of clothes that was getting bigger with every second.

Pushing his fingers beneath the bra she wore, he slowly started to lower it down her arms. He couldn’t wait any longer, so he flicked the catch at the back, and her tits spilled free. Cupping those beauties in his hands, Carter was in heaven, pure heaven.

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