No Boundaries:A Bad Boy Sports Romance(6)

By: Violet Paige

She moaned low in her throat. I could feel her walls tightening around me, getting ready to send her over the edge, but I refused to let her go. I slowed the tempo and pulled one finger out and then the second. She whimpered at the loss.

Oh, how I loved that sound.

It was like a drug to me.

She drew in a shallow breath, unable to speak. I smiled, knowing that I had her right where I wanted her.

“What if someone comes in this way? I don't want to be known as the girl who fucked Kane Hawkins in a hallway.”

I brushed the hair from her shoulder. “So I was right? You do want to fuck me.”

“Yes.” She paused. “No,” she said, averting her eyes from my stare. “Yes.”

I took her hand, threading my fingers through hers, and led her to the storage room.

“Are you serious?” Her eyes widened.

“Baby, you might not know this, but there are two things I never joke about: football and fucking.”

She bit her lip in that sexy way again as I pulled her into the room with me. There was a long table on one side that was stacked with takeout boxes. On the opposite wall was a tower of shelves overflowing with silverware, salt, pepper, napkins, and beer pilsners.

The other space was filled with cases of beer and kegs. I looked at the table. It would work.

I locked the door.

“Right here?” She looked skeptical.

My fingers flicked the button on her shorts as I shimmied them over her firm ass and toned thighs. I lifted her easily onto the table as she gasped at my quickness.

“You’re fucking hot. You know that?”

I dipped to kiss her, my tongue running between her lush soft lips. She purred under the kiss, sucking on my tongue, nipping at my mouth for more. Hell, she was a spitfire disguised as an angel. A beautiful angel I was going to fuck in the back of Catch. My cock was hard against my jeans.

My fingers found their favorite place between her slice of heaven. I circled once before she closed her eyes, biting down on her lip with pleasure. I exhaled in a growl and fought the urge to sink into her now.

I ran my fingers between her slick folds, drawing deep thrusts from her hips. I kissed her harder, grabbing a handful of hair and smashing her mouth to mine. She tasted like the sweetness of rain. I had to know if the rest of her was just as sweet.

I broke from her mouth, dropping to my knees. She started to protest, but I yanked her ass toward the edge of the table, propped her feet on my shoulders, and ripped the thin cotton panties off her pussy.

“Oh God.” Her head reeled back in passion.

I wanted every bit of her swollen clit. I teased it with my tongue, flicking with quick strokes. Her cream flowed freely and I grinned. Fucking her was going to be epic.

“God,” she muttered.

“That’s right, baby,” I growled before sucking her clit with controlling force. Her heels dug into my shoulders and she jutted forward, spreading her pussy wide for my access.

I licked and lapped. Stroked and pumped until she panted.

“I’m going to…”

“Oh yeah.” My dick was so hard, I thought I’d come like this too. Watching this beautiful woman lose it from my tongue.

I pumped my fingers inside her, widening them as my tongue stroked her clit. She needed a little warmup if she was going to accommodate everything I had to give her with my cock. And I was generous in bed. Or in the back of a bar. I wanted her to come as many times as humanly possible.

Her breathing was heavy and throaty. “Hawk, oh God.”

I reached for my zipper as the first wave of her orgasm started to roll. I wanted to feel this. The constricting walls of her pussy squeezing my cock. Just a taste. I wanted to fuck her once or twice in this ecstasy.

Her pussy tightened around my fingers. She was so close I could feel it building in her. Her breath was coming in short small gasps.

“Come for me. I want to feel your sweet honey coat my cock.” I freed my dick just as her eyes opened and landed on my monstrous erection. I was going to fuck her so hard we would both be breathless and senseless.

I rose from my knees. Keeping one hand pumping in and out of her, the other guiding my cock to her tight heated paradise.



Three pumps. I nudged the tip against her opening. I hissed at the fire between her legs.

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