Outback Thunder(2)

By: Ann B. Harrison

She sucked slowly at first enjoying the salty taste of him. When he started to strain against her, she pulled him in deeper and sucked harder. Jonas ground his hips, thrusting as his climax built.

Seconds away from his climax he pulled from her warm mouth and pushed her back into the hay. Spreading her thighs with his knee, he plunged deep into her body. Zoe clung to his arms and met him thrust for thrust. She threw her head back and groaned when she peaked, her legs clutching around his thighs and holding him in.


Even ten years after they'd broken up he still had the ability to make her hot and flustered. No boyfriend since had that effect on her. None gave her that wanton feeling of sexual freedom t she'd enjoyed with Jonas. What would happen when she went home to the farm and saw him again? Just the thought of being around him again had her clenching her thighs together.

Their break-up had been bitter and acrimonious. Zoe had wanted to go off the pill thinking it was the only way they could be together, but Jonas had balked. His plans for them didn't involve a shotgun wedding. Her parents didn't want her getting married— said she was too young at eighteen to know her own mind. She thought they would have a change of heart if she was pregnant. But Jonas didn't want children, he wanted to make his fortune first so they had fought. Their relationship had slowly but surely soured. Trying desperately to keep things going, Zoe had sent Jonas a message asking him to meet her in their spot in the barn.

When she arrived she had found him in the arms of a partially undressed Lucy, the trashy daughter of one of the roustabouts. Broken-hearted she’d done what she did best. Zoe ran. She stayed away and built a new life for herself and for the child he didn't know she carried. Bitterly hurt by Jonas, she kept the baby girl a secret from everyone, not willing to have him come back into her life and ride roughshod over them both. She stayed in London until the news of her parents’ deaths in a car crash reached her and then she came home alone. Once the funeral was over, Zoe had returned to her business in London, keeping her distance from the only man who had the ability to make her body hum with need, while still smarting after all this time over his betrayal.

Now here she was headed for home again and it looked like she would be staying for a long time. The huge land holding had always been a joint venture, not one that her family had owned on their own. Three million acres and some of the top Brahman breeding cattle was a lot of to take care of and her father had set it up with business partners putting up most of the money. It was a huge business and had been very profitable for all involved but with the global financial crisis, things had changed. Costs had soared and production had dropped. A major injection of cash was what they needed and it looks like it came in the shape of Jonas Ward, super rich cheating ex-boyfriend. Fucking wonderful.

The family ran the property with the help of roustabouts and a permanent staff of around twenty men and women. Zoe hoped that Jonas would not be living on the farm. With any luck he will be too busy lording it up in the city looking after the financial side of things and not getting his hands too dirty. He always had an eye on the money, even as a teenager. Surely he wouldn't have changed that much?

There was a knock on the door and Lori, her P.A. poked her head around the door. "Got a minute Zoe?"

"Sure, I was going to call you anyway. Come in." Zoe walked over and then slipped her arm through Lori's s The girls had met not long after Zoe arrived scared and alone in London and they'd been close ever since. "What's up?"

"I just interviewed those two personal trainers and I think we might take them both on."

"Great, I'll draw up the contracts. Listen, are you okay to take over for a couple of months if I go home again?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Family stuff to do with the farm that Brandon insists on me being on site for. I could do without it but Lilly is settled into her new boarding school and so long as she has her horse she will be fine. I'm only a phone call away if she needs anything."

"You know I can take care of her, don't stress. You made me her godmother for a reason so let me spoil her when I can." Lori grinned and wrapped her arm over Zoe's shoulder. "Go home, honey, sort it out. This place will run fine without you for a while."

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