Outback Thunder(3)

By: Ann B. Harrison


Zoe tucked her elbows in by her side while her fellow passengers jostled to get into the seats either side of her. It had been difficult to get a seat on the flight home, so the chance of a window seat was nil. She put the headphones in her ears and picked a movie, intent on ignoring those around her and wished for sleep as they flew halfway across the world to Australia.

Zoe groggily opened one eye. She rubbed at the line of dribble trickling down her chin and realized she had her head tucked snugly against the elderly gentleman on her left. Lifting her head slightly she looked up into his face. A frown marred his forehead and she quickly sat up, apologizing as she tried to straighten her clothes. Her water bottle was almost empty and her mouth felt like sandpaper. Unfastening her seatbelt, Zoe pushed past her neighbor and headed to the bathroom, her purse clutched in her hand.

Looking in the mirror under the harsh lights of the airplane toilet, she grimaced. Her mascara had run and the line of drool had left a white crusty film down her chin.

Super cute, not.

Running her hands under the cold tap, Zoe tried to cup enough water to splash her face, hoping that it would be enough to make her look a little more presentable when Brandon met her.

The plane dropped and with a squeal of fright, Zoe missed her face and the water soaked the front of her shirt.

Bloody hell.

She gripped the edge of the small hand basin and counted to ten before she looked in the mirror again.

Super great, now everyone can see my bra and what's under it. Her nipples had budded up when the cold water had soaked her breasts and she decided to stay where she was until they softened giving the other passengers less to look at.

"Ma'am?" A knock on the door and soft voice called her again. "Ma'am, you have to return to your seat. The Captain has switched on the seat belt sign. We are coming in to land."

Fuck it. Everyone is going to get a great view of my assets. Wonderful.

"Ma'am, you have to come out now."

Zoe ran her fingers through her hair and opened the door annoyed she hadn't even brushed her teeth. With her arms folded against her chest she made her way back to her seat. The plane dropped again and with a cry she reached out and grabbed hold of the nearest headrest, exposing her wet shirt and perky nipples to all of the passengers.

Brushing her hair back from her face and tipping her nose up in the air, she slipped passed the elderly man, ignoring the way his eyes lit up, and dropped into her seat. Now she would have to go through customs with her wet shirt and lacy bra on view and there was nothing she could do about it. What a way to greet her brother, looking like a half naked scarecrow with her make-up running and her hair not done. Definitely not the girl he was used to seeing.


Humiliated at the reception she received including the thorough bag search, Zoe pushed her luggage trolley through the doors to the waiting area where friends and family were waiting to greet loved ones. At least the guys in Customs had enjoyed the show with her shirt clinging to her boobs and they inspected every bag she'd brought with her.

"Random selection ma'am," they said.

Pig's ass it was. Bloody perverts.

She saw the way they all looked at her nipples still showing proudly under the damp shirt and lacy bra.

She looked around for Brandon, ignoring the grins and raised eyebrows that came her way. A hand came from behind and grabbed her arm and she jumped. Her eyes went straight to the offending hand ready to swing away and lash out. The well-manicured hand slid down to her elbow and cupped it. She looked down at the cuff of a silk white shirt, noting the gold and diamond cufflinks. Her stomach sunk as her brain registered the improbable. Gazing up into smoldering eyes, and not willing to believe the improbable she pulled back. Staring down at her was the man that had made her heart thump and her thighs tremble.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I would have thought that was fairly obvious." Jonas looked at her, and Zoe pushed down the heat that was coiling in her stomach as she looked at his seductive mouth.

"Where's Brandon? He was supposed to meet me."

"Yeah, well, he got a little bit busy. He asked me to do the honors since I had to come into the city anyway."

Jonas slipped his arm through hers and with his free hand he steered the trolley toward the exit doors. Zoe found herself being guided along the footpath toward a stretch black limousine.

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