Outback Thunder(4)

By: Ann B. Harrison

"I can catch a bus you know."

He looked down at her, his mouth tight. "Your call. If you want to spend the next thirty hours on a bus, feel free to knock yourself out. I had to come down anyway and pick up the new mustering helicopter so it wasn't as if I made the trip especially to pick you up."

Zoe's stomach dropped with the thought of being in a confined space with him. Just standing next to him was sending the wrong signals to her body. Her nipples were pushing against the damp bra and she tried to ignore the pulsing in her clit. She licked her dry lips knowing he would walk away if she wanted him to.


"Make up your mind Zoe. I have places to go."

"Sheesh, settle down, Jonas. My word, you haven't calmed down any in the last few years have you? Still the same snappy little prick you always were."

"Little prick, are you kidding me? You have obviously forgotten how we spent much of our time, Zoe."

Heat washed over her face and Zoe turned away so he couldn't see the effect he was having on her. She swallowed a couple of times trying to ignore the image her brain conjured up of a naked, horny Jonas stretched out on the hay in front of her.

"That wasn't what I meant and you bloody well know it. Stop being so pushy and give me a chance to make up my mind. It won't kill you to wait another couple of seconds will it?"

"Still fiery too I see. Would it make your sensitive feelings better if I counted to ten before I asked nicely for your answer?" The sardonic look he gave her pissed her off even more.

"See, that's your problem right there. If I don't want to toe the line, you snap. You sound as immature as you were ten years ago." She tapped her foot on the pavement. Sitting on a bus for hours didn't thrill her but being stuck in a small helicopter with Jonas did.

Too much.

As much as Zoe tried to rationalize it he had nothing to offer her now and he wouldn't affect her, she knew she was kidding herself. She still wanted him badly as the effect he had on her body proved to her. Her only problem was how to hide it from him until she could go back to London.

"Fine then. I'll come with you. Where is it?"

"We need to get to the airfield. Over there." He pointed to the limousine and pushed her trolley to the curbside. Zoe hurried to keep up with him as he strode away from her. Jonas lifted the bags into the boot brushing aside the offer of help from his driver and slammed it shut. He opened the back door of the car and waited for her to get in.

Sliding across the seat, Zoe placed her handbag between them and kept her gaze ahead. Jonas gave the driver instructions and he pulled out from the curb and headed to the airfield.

"What made you go to London?"

Zoe turned and looked at Jonas, startled by his question. Her gaze followed the line of his jaw and up to his full lips, lips that had once done the most decadent things to her body. A small whimper escaped her throat before she could stop it.

"Zoe, snap out of it. I asked you a question."

"Sorry, I must be jetlagged." She rubbed the heel of her hands into her eyes willing herself to not show her emotion. "I know I didn't sleep very well at all. Um, I guess it was something different and when I got there I liked it. Plenty of travelling with friends so I got to see something of the world and I liked where I worked." She tried to smile at him without looking like she wanted to throw him back on the seat and straddle him, ripping her panties off on the way. Doubting she was achieving that she turned back to look out the window again. "Why did you buy out the other partners?"

The silence stretched out. Unwilling to look at him or repeat the question she bit her tongue and waited. Jonas coughed and the silence stretched out. Damned if she was going to ask again. It was a battle of wills between them, one she wanted the upper hand in because if she didn't get it now, she doubted it she would get what she came here for.

Chapter Two

The limousine pulled to a halt and Jonas quickly opened the door and got out. Zoe followed, vowing to find the answer. She stood beside him and let him take her bags from the back of the car. Turning on his heel, he strode to the building and walked in through the automatic doors.

A smiling bald-headed portly gentleman came rushing over before he could put Zoe's bags down.

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