Outback Thunder(8)

By: Ann B. Harrison

Certainly the pulsing in his cock let him know his body wanted that to happen. He shook his head and left the room. Walking past Zoe in the kitchen he nodded his head at Brandon and went down the back steps.

"Right with you, Jonas."

Brandon caught up with him before he swung open the gate. They walked together down to the farm manager's office.

"Pete, how's it going?" Jonas sat on the edge of the desk and looked over the farm manager’s shoulder.

"Good as, I reckon. I just want a minute to get this finished." He tapped away on the keyboard and then leaned back with a sigh. "Done. The roster for mustering. Let me print you a copy."

He touched a couple of keys and waited for the machine to spit out the roster. Taking it from the printer he held it out to Jonas.

"Thanks." Brandon leaned over his shoulder and cast a glance over the names.

"Uh, you missed Zoe, Pete. She arrived home today. I brought her back with the new chopper."

"Are you sure, Jonas? You don't want to give her time to settle back into it? It's been ten years since that one's been on a horse, out here at any rate. Um, looking at her when she came back for the funeral, I don't know if she would be happy working with you guys anymore. Bit more of a lady, hey with her painted fingernails and done up hair."

"She's a partner the same as me and Bran. She has to pull her weight too." He thrust the sheet back at Pete. "Adjust it and print out copies for everyone and I'll make sure she gets hers. Can't have her sleeping in on her first day."

With that he turned on his heel and walked outside. Damned if I'll let her laze around the house playing ladies. She needs to get back to her roots and do the things we used to enjoy doing together, pretty make up or not.

Jonas headed for the stables with Brandon shadowing just like when they were kids. "Let's make sure all the horses are up to scratch. Is Zoe's horse still around, the one she had before she left?"

"Yeah, old Midnight is still full of beans too. He will be fine for mustering." Brandon stopped at Midnight’s stall and stroked his hand over the horse’s nose. "I hope you're prepared for some fire from her, Jonas. You know she is going to spit when you tell her that she has to go out tomorrow with the rest of us."

"She'll be fine, Bran, you worry too much. She's a country girl at heart and we both know it. If it wasn't for my fuck up and her stubborn pride she never would have left."

"Your head, my friend."

Brandon opened the stall and walked in, his hand on the dark horse. Sliding his hand down the rear flank, he picked up the back hoof and checked it. "Shoes are fine. He should be okay once she gets back on him. The boys have been keeping him fit but he's always been a handful for anyone but Zoe."

"A good run out with the others will calm him soon enough," Jonas said. Let's hope the same can be said for your sister.

Chapter Three

Zoe smiled and turned toward Jonas. She sighed and lifted her breasts up toward him, her nipples budding up with anticipation. Running her hand down her body, she slipped her fingers under the elastic of her pajama bottoms. She groaned when her fingertips found the damp heat pooling between her thighs. She clenched her legs together trapping her hand while she pleasured herself waiting for Jonas to touch her.

He shook her shoulder. "Zoe, wake up damn it. You've slept in."

Her eyes shot open and she looked around the room. She was in her own bed alone and Jonas was standing above her, fully clothed. She withdrew her hand from her pajamas and groaned. Luckily her blanket covered her waist but the movement was duly noted if the look in his eyes was anything to go by.

"Fuck off, Jonas." She grabbed the blankets to her chest and rolled over.

"You have five seconds before I pull the covers off you Zoe. Work today, remember?"

She wanted privacy to finish the job she'd started in her sleep. Her clit was throbbing and she was so close to pulling him down and ripping his clothes off. Her body was shaking, bare seconds away from release. Her climaxes were few and far between and she wanted to finish this one.

"One, two, three, four—"

She groaned and threw back the covers before rolling out of bed the opposite side to where Jonas was standing. "Happy now?"

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