Player: A Secret Baby Sports Romance(163)

By: Aubrey Irons

Maybe it’s because that feels like a challenge, and I love a good challenge.

I love a surprise victory.

A real come from behind win.

My eyes dip over the curve of her hips and that tight little ass.

I’d love to win HER from behind.

“I think you can probably manage yourself.”

“Yeah but where’s the fun in that?”

She squirms under my gaze before I slowly stand from the couch, stretching and flexing my arms behind my head. She quickly looks away with that scandalized look on her face.

“I’m leaving, see you in the house.”

I watch her stomp out and down the stairs with a little huff, and the grin spreads wide across my face as my eyes dip over her ass.

Oh yeah, I’m going to enjoy getting under her skin.

I’m going to enjoy making her squirm.

Hailey Garrison thinks she’s immune to my charms.

She’s very, very wrong.

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