Reaching Retribution (The Prophesized #4)(10)

By: Kaitlyn Hoyt

“I guess she really is too stubborn for death,” Emma says.

Tom hands me a wet washcloth. I move Ryanne toward me and clean the blood of her face, turning the white washcloth red. We’ll have a lot of explaining to do when we check out of this room. I lift Ryanne up and lay her down on the bed. She’s still so pale. Her body looks so fragile right now.

Turning around, I look at the room. “How is this possible? She was dead. You all saw it. Logan couldn’t heal her. How is she alive?”

Mr. Howick pushes off the wall and looks at me. “I’ve heard stories about when a person dies before their time, they are given another chance. In every person’s life, there is something they want to change, say, or do differently. Ryanne wasn’t supposed to die today, so she got another chance. I don’t know where she went or what she did, but she had to do something. If she wasn’t able to do it, she would have died permanently.”

“You couldn’t have mentioned that before?” I ask. It would have been nice to know that there was a small chance that she could come back from this.

“There was no point. It wasn’t a given that she would return. There was always a possibility that she wouldn’t have come back. Not a whole lot of people are willing to change that late in the game.”

“So what do we do?”

“Wait for her to wake up. There’s not a whole lot we can do right now,” Tom suggests.

“I hate waiting.”


Opening my eyes, I roll over onto my side. I’m back at the hotel room. Alive. With a gasp, I shoot up. I’m alive. Colton jolts awake and gets into a defensive stance. When he sees me, he reaches out and jerks me to him, more forceful than necessary. However, that’s exactly what I need right now. I bury myself in his arms and cry into his shoulder. I did it! I made it back. His arms tighten around me when he feels my tears on his chest.

Burying his face in my hair, he starts murmuring something. I can feel his lips moving against my skin, but I can’t understand what he’s saying. Leaning back, I look up at him. “What?”

“Don’t you ever do that to me again, Ry. I love you so much. Don’t you dare scare me like that.” Before I can say anything, he crushes his lips to mine. I lean forward and kiss him back just as passionately. I know that I look like crap and don’t feel much better, but I don’t care. I almost died for good. I would have never seen him again. I thought that I would never get to see him again.

When I hear the sound of a door opening, I pull back and look around the room. “It’s okay. It was just David and Emma,” Colton says.

I turn back and look at Colton. He’s watching me. Normally, I would squirm under his gaze, but today I don’t. I lean forward and kiss him lightly again. “I’m sorry.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I didn’t say it back before.” Colton wraps his arms around me and pulls me against his chest. I curl into this side. I can hear his heart beating in his chest—the heart that belongs to me. He holds my heart and I his. I wrap my arm around his waist and pull him closer to me. “There was nothing I could do, Ry. I watched you die right in front of me again, but I couldn’t do anything this time. I couldn’t,” he choked. I roll over and prop my arms on his chest.

“I couldn’t let her die, Colton. She’s Bragden’s soulmate.”


“James told me. I was given that vision for a reason which means that Incendia has a bigger role in all this. We need her alive.”

“We need you alive too, Ryanne,” he tells me. “You’re my soulmate.”

“Which is why I’m here,” I say.

Colton reaches forward and tucks a loose curl behind my ear. “How are you here?”

“I overcame some things,” I vaguely say.

“I understand,” Colton says. I’ll reveal everything to him one day, but for now, I think that I should keep it to myself. I start to crawl out of bed, I really do need to take a shower, but Colton pulls me back. “Just let me hold you for a little bit.”

I lean back down and rest against his chest. I’ll never walk away from him again.

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