Reaching Retribution (The Prophesized #4)(2)

By: Kaitlyn Hoyt

Incendia falls to her knees on the ground next to me. “I’m so sorry. It was supposed to be me. She shouldn’t have done that. I was supposed to die. Was that what she saw in the vision? Me dying?”

Bragden walks over to me, “Probably. That’s kind of Ryanne’s thing. You’re meant for something bigger. That’s why she saw that vision.”

“But she’s the girl from the prophecy! I’m nothing more than an average mage.”

“And Ryanne thought you were worth saving,” I tell her emphasizing Ryanne’s name. She’s more than the girl from the prophecy. Tom walks over the unconscious man and closes the door. We don’t need to attract any more attention right now.

“Incendia, do you recognize this man?” Tom asks quietly. I don’t look up at him because I don’t think I can handle seeing the sadness in his expression.

“He’s Mr. Garrowen’s son, Enrique,” she whispers. “I didn’t know he was a mage.” When Incendia’s eyes start to water, Bragden reaches over and pulls her to him. She turns and starts crying into this shoulder. “She saved me twice today. Why would she do that? She doesn’t even know me.”

“Ryanne would rescue a stray cat.” I lean back against the bed. We all turn and look at Kyril sitting with Olive. “She did rescue a stray cat.”

Even Olive looks upset. This shouldn’t have happened. I was supposed to have a future with her. Claire told me that everything was going according to plan. This was not part of the plan. What changed? The last thing I told her was a lie. The last words I’ll ever speak to her weren’t true. I didn’t even get to tell her that I loved her too.

I push myself up. “We need to find Dravin.” Dravin is the man responsible for all of this, and I can’t just stand here while I know he’s out there causing another person or family pain.

“Colton,” Tom starts.

“You don’t understand. Literally a couple hours ago, she asked me not to stop fighting. She said if something does happen to me, you have to continue with this fight. You have to push forward; otherwise all of this would have been for nothing. Don’t let it be for nothing, Colton,” I quote her. “I have to finish this, Tom. For her.” My voice cracks at the end and hearing that, Emma stifles a sob. I glance across the room at her and see silent tears streaming down her face. David is trying to comfort her, but yet again, this is one of those situations where nothing seems helpful in the moment.

The room gets quiet when Liam starts coughing and leans against the wall to support himself. “Liam, what’s wrong?” Natalie asks. A layer of sweat glistens on his forehead, and an expression of pain crosses his face as he leans his head back against the wall and grabs his chest, gasping for air.

“It’s Ryanne,” Bragden explains. “He’s supposed to protect her. She didn’t get to complete what she was destined to, and he needed to protect her until that moment came. His body is reacting to losing their bond.”

“Will he be okay?” Natalie asks.

“I don’t know. His symptoms could fade over time or they could get worse.”

“What do you mean they could get worse?” Natalie says—her voice an octave higher than usual. She’s staring at Bragden with wide eyes waiting for his response, but instead of answering, he shakes his head. He doesn’t have to say anything. The meaning behind his words is obvious. We could lose Ryanne and Liam within a short time period. No longer able to support his weight, Liam slides down the wall and sits on the ground.

“This whole situation just sucks,” Incendia says.

“You can say that again,” Emma hiccups.

“This whole situation just sucks.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


I hesitate in the doorway for a few seconds before following Claire. I don’t know what is going on right now, but Claire does. Hopefully, she has the answers that I need. I hate always wandering around confused. Just when I think that I’m finally doing something right…I end up here.

“So I’m not really dead?” I inquire again.

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