Reaching Retribution (The Prophesized #4)(3)

By: Kaitlyn Hoyt

“Not exactly,” she answers but continues walking. I pick up my steps until I’m standing beside her.

“What the heck does that mean? Am I in a coma? Will I wake up? What is going on?”

“One question at a time, my dear. Magic has a way of complicating things,” she tells me as she pushes the down button for the elevator. “It makes the simplest of things infinitely more difficult, while making the hardest things in life much easier. It all depends on how it’s used.” The elevator dings open and Claire walks in and leans against the wall, waiting for me to enter before she hits the lobby button. “I have the answers you need, honey,” she says when I don’t enter the elevator right away.

With a loud sigh, I walk in. I don’t understand what’s going on, but I’ve already come to the realization that I need to do whatever Claire tells me. She’s right when she says that she holds the answers. I’m in the dark right now.

Giving me a small smile, she pushes the button. When the doors close, she looks back to me and says, “Technically, you’re physically dead, but there’s a chance that you will come back from this. Your body is back at the hotel with everyone else, but your soul is stuck in limbo. You weren’t supposed to die today. This isn’t how things were supposed to end for you or for anyone else. Your death will propel everyone forward into action, but what about afterwards? Colton will fall into depression because a part of him is missing. Liam and Natalie’s story won’t play out, because your death ultimately brings about his death. Bragden and Incendia will never get together, because Bragden is distraught at yours and his brother’s death. David and Emma will fall apart, because David has to help his brother. Tom takes to drinking because he wasn’t able to help you and couldn’t help either David or Colton. Logan falls into a life of crime, frustrated that his magic failed him, and Larkin and Kyril get captured and killed by Dravin. They need you there, Ryanne.”

“How?” I ask. “How do I go back?”

“I can’t tell you. You have to figure that out on your own. You’ll know what to do when the time comes.”

“What can you tell me then?”

“You are the strongest girl I’ve ever met, Ryanne. Your life hasn’t been easy, but you’ve risen to the challenge every time something new was thrown at you. This second chance doesn’t happen for everyone. Few get the opportunity to turn back time and erase irreparable damage, but you’ve been given this for a reason.”

“That’s it? That’s all you can tell me?” That didn’t give me any of the answers I need. “What am I going to have to face? What lies ahead? Can’t you give me anything more?”

“I’m so sorry, but I can’t tell you more. Just know that mages aren’t the only magical beings in the world and a handful of them impact the course of history. They have a lot riding on this war. This task isn’t going to be easy, dear. Most people aren’t successful. It’ll be challenging and difficult, but I have faith in you. You’re fully capable of doing this, but trust your instincts. You’ll know what you have to do. Don’t let something simple cloud your judgments and everything will be fine.”

“What happens if I can’t do it? What will happen to Dravin if I can’t do this?”

“If you aren’t successful, everything will move forward on this altered path. Dravin will defeat mages and reign over everyone. Many mages will be slaughtered for their magic. The world will be forever changed. Humans will be forced to work as his slaves. He’ll be the most powerful dictator the world has ever seen.”

My mouth drops open at the seriousness in her tone. Everything will take a turn for the worst, and that’s saying a lot considering things are already bad. “Oh, no pressure,” I mumble as the elevator opens.

“When does this start?” I ask as we walk out of the elevator and into the lobby which, like every other room in this forsaken hotel, is empty.

“Right now,” she walks forward and gives me a hug. “I was in love once, Ryanne. I know that feeling you’re experiencing. The all-encompassing, I’ll do anything for you, feeling. Use that feeling to get back to your soulmate. You can do this. I’ve never known anyone stronger than you. Have faith in your powers and follow your heart.”

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