Reaching Retribution (The Prophesized #4)(9)

By: Kaitlyn Hoyt

I gasp as pain shoots through my body. I close my eyes and pray for this to be quick. This is the end. As darkness envelopes me, I feel my body being pulled in every direction. I must be going to Hell, because this pain is unbearable. If I could, I would be screaming, but my mouth won’t cooperate.

“Don’t fight it.”

Chapter Two


“Colton, staring at her isn’t going to bring her back,” Emma says. I tear my eyes from Ryanne and look up at Emma. Her blue eyes are glossed over from her own tears. She has red splotches under her red, puffy eyes from crying. Ryanne was her best friend, but right now, she doesn’t understand.

“She can’t be gone.” I shake my head and clench my jaw, trying to stop the tears again. “She can’t be.” Emma crawls over to me and rests her head on my shoulder, comforting me.

“She changed the course of history, guys. Don’t you understand that?” Incendia says. “She’s supposed to be here at the end. She’s supposed stop Dravin. I’ve never seen anyone do what she did earlier. She fought all the men that we’d been fighting for hours in like ten minutes! No one else can do that.”

“We are not going to try and find someone to replace her,” I growl.

“There’s no one to replace her,” Incendia says. “I was supposed to die; not her.”

“Incendia, Ryanne saw that vision for a reason. She was supposed to stop your death. Be thankful you get another chance. Don’t dwell on what can’t be changed,” Bragden whispers to her.

Don’t dwell on what can’t be changed. Does he understand how difficult that is? It feels like my heart is literally breaking. I feel like part of me is missing. Ryanne filled a void that I didn’t know I had before I met her. She broke down all barriers and filled my life with laughter, happiness, love…she filled the void with her love. Now that it’s gone, I’m left with nothing but grief and pain.

I look across the room at Liam, who’s sitting with his head against the wall and a hand across his chest. He can barely breathe. Natalie is frantically trying to calm him, but without Ryanne here, there’s nothing she can do.

Ryanne was the glue in our group. She kept everyone together. I can already feel a rift forming between us. Tom’s angry. Bragden’s a bundle of emotions. He’s upset over Ryanne, mad at Enrique, confused over Incendia, and worried about his brother. Larkin and Kyril don’t know what to do. Larkin’s pacing the room, trying to remain calm. Liam’s dying. Natalie distressed, trying to help him. Emma won’t let David console her. Logan’s frustrated that, yet again, he couldn’t save her when she needed it.

Me? I can’t feel anything. It’s like my body has shut off and refuses to let me know my soulmate is dead. Liam gasps loudly and leans forward. We all turn and look at him, confused at the sudden change.

“Something’s happening,” he grunts. My eyes move back to Ryanne again. She’s lying on her back in the middle of the hotel room. Her dark hair is fanned out around her head messily from the fall. The contrast between her pale skin and dark hair is more apparent. The streak of blood that dripped out of her mouth has dried. The wound on her stomach is still bleeding onto the carpet.

Liam takes a deep breath. We all turn and look at him. He can breathe? He crawls away from Natalie and moves toward Ryanne. Something is obviously going on. When he nears her, Ryanne’s body begins shaking. What? Everyone takes a step forward, wanting to know what is happening. Her body seems to inflate with oxygen. She gasps and sucks in air and then starts coughing. More blood comes out of her mouth. She’s alive? The room is silent around me. How is this possible? Black liquid starts oozing out of the stomach wound. Logan pushes past everyone and tries healing her again. His hands give off a faint glow as he tries to close the wound.

I shoot up when I see the skin start to close. It’s working. I move Ryanne’s head so I can see her, but her eyes are closed. She still looks like death. I push her hair away from her face. Logan pulls his hands away and looks her over. She hasn’t opened her eyes, but she’s breathing. Small shakes still take over her body. How is she alive? She gasps again as her body goes still. I stare at her waiting for some sign of movement. Her chest begins to slowly rise and rise with each breath. She’s alive.

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