Reign (Marko Delacroix #5)(2)

By: Alaska Angelini

“Status, bloodline, none of that will save you if you cross my path. The new Black Prince, Hunter Moretti, will be returned to me. Anyone who tries to stop that by attempting to harm him will feel my wrath.”

I tossed Margo’s head off to the side and Gina’s cries were growing as she thrashed her shoulders back and forth in an attempt to break free. She was thrust in my direction at my nod and I spun her, wrapping one of my arms around her waist to make her face the crowd. I moved my lips in next to her ear while I went back to Princess Tesslyn’s narrowed eyes. I couldn’t deny my want of her. It ran just as deep as my desire to destroy her because of her love for Marko. They had something I never allowed myself and I couldn’t stand that she was being wasted on him. The taste I’d experienced of their passion while Tessa was staying here still stuck with me. It haunted me. For the first time since I had put my plan in motion, I began to question the path I had picked.

As I kept the connection, anger sunk its hooks deeper. I wanted to push into her mind. To be able to whisper to Gina and have Tessalyn hear me as if I were speaking directly to her. It was impossible with her wearing my old crown. The protection I cloaked myself in against this very thing had carried over and now even I couldn’t break through. Tessalyn would be protected against any gift thrown her way and I doubted she even knew it.

“Do you admit that when you closed my creation out into the sunlight that you were aware of who he was?”

Gina’s shoulders sunk in and I awaited her pleas of forgiveness.

“Yes, Aetas.”

“You knew I made him and that he was Hunter Moretti?”

She swallowed hard, her breathing picking up pace. “I did,” she said, shakily.

“Are you also aware that he held the former Black Prince’s blood within his veins?”

Gina grew still, only for a sob to cause her body to shake. She knew what I was implying.

“I did, Master.”

“So you admit to betraying your own kind and trying to murder royalty?”

“He’s an abomination,” Gina exclaimed, loudly. “He’s going to end up killing us all, just like you are with your choice. There’s only one who is meant to lead! Princess!” The call for Tessalyn was the only plea that came from Gina. It drove my hands up to snap Gina’s neck. I twisted, giving one last forceful jerk to put an end to her life. The warmth coating my hands had me snarling.

I dropped Gina’s decapitated body and my glare met Tessalyn’s head-on. She was angry, ready to fight just as much as I was. But the timing wasn’t right, and my fight wasn’t with her. War. It was coming. Not only to the humans, but first, with ourselves.

Chapter 1


“Let’s get the fuck out of here before I do something I shouldn’t.”

My claws were descending the more I watched Aetas focus on Tessa. His hate toward her was obvious and it only seemed to be growing. It left me on guard—in a protective mode so strong that it was almost impossible for me not to act on.

“Yes,” Tessa breathed out. “I want to leave. I wish we wouldn’t have had to come in the first place.”

Her fingers wrapped along my lower bicep and she stepped into the aisle, giving me room to move around her. People were already departing. They appeared just as impatient as we were to escape the presence of our leader. But they didn’t have reason to fear him in the moment. Tessa and I on the hand, did.

I moved around her, leading us toward the exit at a brisk walk. Stares were being cast our way. They pushed against me heavily from all sides and I ignored the need to see who was looking.

“Princess Tessalyn Delacroix!”

Aetas’ booming voice had my jaw and fists clenching. I came to a stop, regardless that I didn’t want to. Slowly, we turned around. Tessa’s grip on my arm was so tight that it had my pulse slamming into my chest. Rarely did she get anxious anymore. Feeling the nervousness from her now pulled out the mate in me, causing him to crash into me wildly while he begged to be set free.

“Marie warned me about this. He’ll want to seek council.”

My eyes cut over to her, regardless that we were communicating mentally. “You didn’t tell me that. He’s been denying you for weeks.”

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