Reign (Marko Delacroix #5)(8)

By: Alaska Angelini

“Can you not call him or figure out his location?”

Aetas’ face turned hard. “No. It’s my blood. Just like the crown you wear, it blocks me completely. I can’t search him out. I don’t even know if he lives. I feel…nothing concerning him. If I wouldn’t have picked up on this before he was cast out, I would have assumed he was dead. Maybe he is.”

“Is that not a reason to fear him even more? He can’t be monitored. He can plot our deaths and you’d never know it.”

“So could you.” Aetas quirked his eyebrow. “The difference between you and Hunter is you’re mated. You’re twice the threat. Especially since it’s Marko you’re bonded to. After what I saw tonight, you’re lucky I’m not dragging you off to headquarters as we speak.”

“But…You asked to see. I trusted you enough to show you. Why would I do that if I were a threat?”

“We’re not the real threat,” Marko said, reaching for my hand. “And he knows it. He’s just trying to get the distraction off of Hunter because he knows how unstable he’s going to be when he surfaces. Deep down, Aetas knows what he’s done by turning the bastard. The question is—why he went through with it begin with?”

Chapter 3


Blood dripped from my chin as I let the female’s dead body fall to the ground. Four humans tonight. The thirst was unquenchable. There was nothing I could do to ease the burning in my throat. The more I fed, the worse it seemed to get, but I couldn’t stop it. Nor could I slow the adrenaline that left me shaking and anxious. I had no idea where I was. My mind said I was close to where I needed to be, but nothing looked familiar. I was walking in circles, confused on what to do next.

Screams had me blinking past the fog and I turned, taking in the long line of people staring at me in horror. What were they doing, being so loud? It caused the monster in me to explode. I snarled, lunging for another female to shut her up. My head was hurting and she was making it worse. She was …

I shoved my fingers in her mouth, grasping her jaw and jerking with everything I had. Blood perfumed the air, spraying out and easing the hammering within, but more people were yelling and pointing at me.


Pain cut into my skin and I looked down at the trickle of blood beginning to ooze from my chest. When my eyes cut up, a man in a black uniform grabbed the device on his shoulder, yelling into it. I took off at a fast run right for him. More stinging sliced through my back and legs.

These things…these humans, they were trying to hurt me. Me! I didn’t understand why. They were food, yet they were coming after me knowing that I could kill them?

“Hunter Moretti. You! Hey!”

My claws raked down the uniformed man’s face only seconds before my fangs shredded down the front of his throat. The yelling was getting louder.

“Hunter! Hey!”

I snapped my head to the side, ready to keep fighting when I noticed something about the male was different. He wasn’t human. He was like me. I wanted to take ease in that, but something wouldn’t let me and in the moment, I couldn’t remember why.

“”Hunter! That’s right buddy. It’s me. It’s Boyd. You recognize me?”

I hissed as he stepped closer.

“It’s okay, put the cop down and let’s get out of here before the shit hits the fan. I know someone who’s looking for you.”

The dead human hit the ground as I released my fingers from his dark shirt. More popping sounded and the pain followed. Loud sounds were getting closer. I couldn’t take it.

“Hunter! Let’s go!”

Boyd. Did I know this man like me? Something told me I did, but I couldn’t get a read on whether that was a good or a bad thing.

Slowly, I walked forward while he waved his hand.

“That’s it. Come on, we have to get you underground. Everyone will be happy to see you.”

Everyone? Where people looking for me?

My pace picked up as his did. We were suddenly running and the high-pitched noises were growing closer. I easily caught up, studying the smile on his face as we turned onto the next block. Church bells chimed while we approached and I felt myself move away from the holy ground. Did I know that place? Yes, there was a distinct feeling associated with the area, but my mind told me it was bad. I needed to keep going. There was a pull ahead, coaxing me home.

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