Reign (Marko Delacroix #5)(9)

By: Alaska Angelini

“I can’t believe I found you. Marko is going to be so fucking happy.”

“Marko?” I repeated the name, coming to an abrupt stop. My mind raced, testing the sound and emotions surrounding with the name. I didn’t like it. Not at all.

“Tessa,” Boyd said, gesturing his head for me to keep following.

“Tessa?” Tessa…Tessa…now she I might have liked. Or not. Fuck, I didn’t know.

Blue and red lights brightened the darkness behind us. Combined with the squealing of tires, I couldn’t help but be side-tracked. My instincts told me to stop whatever was happening, but the array of high-pitched tones were too grating to my ears. It made me want to gag through the pounding that surfaced.

“Shit! Let’s go!”

Boyd’s hand locked on my wrist and there were no thoughts as I launched myself right for him. To my surprise, he quickly dodge me, jumping out of the way.

“I’d love to fight you, Hunter, but now’s not the time.” His hand waved me forward while he took fast steps backwards. I felt myself being lured in his direction. When Boyd began to jog, he turned to the side, keeping the pace steady. Faster, he went. And like a robot, I followed.

“Stop! Put your hands in the air and get on the ground.”

At the booming voice, I glanced over my shoulder. Boyd’s tap on my shoulder had me lunging for him again, but he kept out of reach, running even faster.

“That’s it. Ignore the cops, they’re not allowed to come where we’re going.”

Where were we going?

The scenery became new again and everything went blank as I felt myself slow and look around.

“Hunter, no, no, over here. If you look around, things will be become even more confusing. You need to listen to me. You’re a vampire now. Your mind is trying to cope with the new blood. It’s shutting down, right? It’s hard to remember anything?”

Still we were moving forward. My lips opened and an answer was on the tip of my tongue when a house had me stopping again. A hard slam against my chest told me I had finally made it. This was where I was supposed to be.

“Fuck,” Boyd breathed out. “No, we’re not going there. You don’t live there anymore.”

I was already turning, heading toward the door. Each step sent my pulse skittering even faster.

“Dammit. Hunter, I said you don’t live there anymore.”

He blurred in front of me with his speed, pushing his hands against my chest in quick movements meant to distract me. But I wasn’t going to fall for that again. I stayed focused, determined as I swung my arm at him and headed up the steps. As I reached for the door and turned the knob, I felt it—an invisible barrier. It brushed over my fingertips, triggering my brain.

“See, this isn’t your home. The house has new tenants. Come on, we have to go.”

A jerk pulled at my arm and I roared through the rage that was building.

“Get on the ground!”

I turned to see multiple men in black uniforms surrounding the yard. A smile came to Boyd’s face as he stepped closer to me.

“Well this is going to be fun. You feeling hungry?”

Hungry? Yes, my throat. The fire was still there. Still growing. I was so weak. That’s what kept registering. I needed something more.

Boyd’s fangs lowered and I stared at them mesmerized for a moment. I knew he’d been like me, but to see him have what I did…it brought out the need to kill even more.

Slowly, I step forward. Boyd let me take the lead, but kept his steps even with mine. Pain from the explosions stung my arm and my vision wavered through the anger. I was suddenly running. Suddenly being showered with needle-type sensations. I could see Boyd in my peripheral. We attacked at the same time, diving for the closest humans.

Blood flooded my mouth as I bit into side of the man’s neck, but I didn’t waste my time feeding. I clamped my jaw down, ripping his flesh while I fought to end his life.


The shots were still coming. They hit me all over, even as I felt myself heal almost instantly. I moved from one to next, staying in tune with Boyd as he did the same thing. He was laughing—loving what we were doing. His pale skin was beginning to be covered in crimson. It was smeared on his cheeks and chin and the more he killed, the more he rubbed his face over the wounds. I repeated the action, feeling the evil within me flare at the enhanced sense of smell. It engulfed me, feeding the need. For the first time, I felt as one with who I was.

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