Rock Candy Kisses(9)

By: Addison Moore

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” I can read his lips clearly. I’ve already committed them to memory. His eyes are lined with black kohl, and it only makes him that much more absurdly handsome. This is definitely a look that he should pull off often if not daily. My mind drifts a moment as I envision him dipping into my makeup bag before I notice that he’s still waiting for me to answer his question. I go to shake my head, but Tristan opens his mouth instead.

“Are you the boyfriend?” He offers him a hand before he can refute it.

Marley’s mouth drops as she glances from the singer to me.

My palms grow sweaty, and the camera nearly slips from my grasp. I knew I shouldn’t have come tonight. On top of everything else poor Tristan here will discover that the girl he’s committed to assisting for the next four years is a barefaced liar. I can’t help it, though—a part of me doesn’t want him ogling me for the next half decade. At the moment, it did seem the only logical way out.

The boy with the marbled eyes looks from me to Tristan then back to me with an extended pause. His eyes singe into mine like flames, and I have to blink just to keep from fainting. What the hell has gotten into me today?

He nods into Tristan. “I am the boyfriend. Nice to meet you.”


Here she is, the mystery girl who threw my entire day for a loop. I tried to chase her down, but she zigged and zagged so fast I lost sight of what building she flew into. And here I was afraid I had imagined her, I thought for sure all that adrenaline pumping through me was making me see what I wanted, skewing my perspective of reality. Reality hasn’t been so great as of late. But she’s here, every bit as beautiful as I remember and then some.

The dude I met a second ago, Tristan, turns his attention to a couple of girls I’ve been trying to shake. I’ve seen them here before—all tits and heels—curling their finger at me with one hand and a condom in the next. After each set I get a few invites, hell, who am I kidding, a few dozen invites for whatever my hard-up soul desires, but I’ve been laying off the rock candy ever since Benji died. He always did tell me I screwed around too much. He was the voice of reason for most of my life. Who knew it would take his death to turn me into some poster boy for celibacy. And as much as the girl standing before me seems like the cure, there’s a sweetness to her I can’t quite put my finger on. Something tells me she won’t be laying out any triple X offers tonight. But after years of jockeying bitter, easy women, God knows I’m craving a little sugar—someone down home and sweet.

I lead her to the entry away from the bustle, away from Tristan and the blowjob posse that’s surrounded him. He can thank me later. He seems like a nice guy, and if he plays his cards right those two blondes will be equally as nice to him.

“What’s your name?” I can’t help but grin like a fool at the gorgeous girl in front of me. She’s a foot shorter. Her lips are still in kissing range of mine, and I’m not above testing the theory. Her glossy light brown waves trickle down her back, and I fight not to dig my fingers through them. Her eyes practically glow in the dark like blue electric pools. I can’t seem to cut my gaze loose. And, judging by the way her lips are sealed tight, I’m guessing she’s shy as hell. Lucky for me I have nothing against a little social discomfort. I’m all about helping people loosen up. Not to mention, I’m boisterous enough for the both of us.

Her chest expands as she swallows. She gives a nervous glance past my shoulder as if she’s laying low. Her lips pinch into a restrained smile before she shakes her head and bolts out the door.

“Whoa, where you going?” I follow her out into the biting night air. I can’t remember the last time I was shut out like that. She just dented my ego and took off in a hit and run rejection that I hadn’t experienced in years, if ever. A quiet laugh strums through me. I’m okay with the chase. It’s a game I’m not too familiar with, but for her I’m willing to rewrite a couple of rules.

It’s clear out, cold as shit. You can smell the storm coming in. We’ll be drenched by midnight.

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