Rock With Me(3)

By: Kristen Proby

“Sam, I’m not about to leave you here at the side of the road by yourself to change a tire in the rain. Your brother would put his foot up my ass.”

Of course. He’s only being nice because of Luke. Just like everyone else.

I systematically school my features, blank canvas, straighten my shoulders and put the walls back up.

People can’t hurt me if I don’t let them.

“You’re probably right.” I back away and move to walk around the white car to climb inside and escape. “I’ll be sure to tell him you were a big help. Thank you.”

“What the fuck just happened?” His eyes are narrowed on my face, his thumbs tucked in the loops of his jeans.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do. You’d loosened up a bit, and then suddenly you turned back into the ice queen.”

I’m not an ice queen! I’m a fucking human being, but I’ll never let you or people like you see me as vulnerable ever again!

“Have a good day, Leo.”

“Hey.” He blocks my path to the driver’s door, and tips my chin up to look him in the eye. “What did I say?”

I shake my head and back away, needing the space. God, he’s like an effing magnet.

He watches me closely for a moment and then shrugs. “Okay. Drive safe. Take that in to the shop tomorrow.” He walks back to his car, lowers himself gracefully behind the wheel and waits for me to drive off ahead of him.

Who knew that a rock star as famous as he is could be a gentleman?


I offer him a wave and drive away, exhaling for the first time in thirty minutes. That is one sexually potent man. No wonder he’s so damn famous.

And I am never going down that path again.

* * *

Olivia is perhaps the most perfect baby ever born, and she gets all her charm, intelligence and good looks from her auntie Sammie.

And no one else on the face of the Earth had better ever call me Sammie.

I’m not usually one to cuddle babies, but oh how I adore this little girl. We are all gathered at my mom and dad’s house, and by all, I mean the whole crew. All of the Montgomerys are here with their kids, Luke and Nat and Livie, my youngest brother, Mark. Even Brynna is here with her girls.

Will has tugged Meg into his lap on the couch and they’re laughing intimately. He glances up at me and winks and I feel a glow in the pit of my stomach. To think that just two years ago family dinners consisted of just the five of us. How boring! Now we have this beautiful extended family. I wouldn’t change a thing, even if it did lose me my job last week.

“Livie, you’re the most beautiful girl in the room. Yes, you are.” The sweet nine-month-old giggles as I blow raspberries on her neck and clutches my hair in her tiny fist. “Uh oh… let go of my hair, sweetie.”

She giggles some more and tugs my blonde strands into her mouth. “Ew. Do you know how much product is in my hair, girlfriend? It’s definitely not edible.”

“Everything is going in her mouth these days,” Nat mutters and sits next to me on the floor, our backs are resting against the love seat. “She’s also slobbering like it’s going out of style. I think she’s cutting more teeth.”

As if on cue, Livie offers us a big grin, proudly showing us her four front teeth and we laugh at her.

“She’s so sweet.” I kiss her cheek.

“Yeah, she is.” Nat’s green eyes shine as she looks from her daughter to me. “I hope the next one is too,” she whispers.

What? I gasp and almost drop the baby. “You’re not…?” I whisper back to her and she offers me a small smile and a tiny nod, and then smiles lovingly over at Luke who has been watching us.

“When are you going to announce it?” I ask. Another baby!

“After dinner, I think,” she replies as Luke sits next to me on my other side and takes Livie from my arms.

“Hi baby girl,” he kisses her forehead and Livie lights up from the inside at seeing her daddy. “So, did she tell you?” he asks softly so only I can hear.

“Yeah. Luke, I’m so happy for you.”

His soft blue eyes turn to mine, and I can read his thoughts. He waited so long for this kind of happiness. He deserves every smile, every wonderful moment his family brings him.

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