Rock's Redemption(Insurgents MC Romance Book 8)(7)

By: Chiah Wilder

She always acted like Henri’s rudeness didn’t bother her, but Roche would hear her crying softly at the kitchen table when she thought they were all asleep. It was during those times that he swore he’d give her a better life and take her away from all the disrespect and beatings his father inflicted on her. She was such a kind, selfless woman, and she deserved a better life than the one she had. Roche vowed to give it to her.

Henri had begun dating Lorraine, a local girl from the neighborhood. She was the same age as Henri, seventeen years old to Roche’s fifteen. She’d dropped out of school to help take care of her seven siblings while her mother and father worked. Henri seemed crazy about her and always acted goofy around her.

One temperate afternoon in March, Roche came home from school to find Henri’s blonde and busty girlfriend sitting on the couch filing her nails. When he entered the room, her face lit up as she beamed. “Hi, Roche. How are you?” Her blue eyes skimmed over him.

Roche shrugged. “Okay. Where’s Henri?”

“At work. He got called in right after I got here.” She pushed out her bottom lip in a faux pout. He nodded and moved toward the kitchen. “Attends.” She patted the empty spot next to her on the couch. “Come sit next to me for a minute.”

“I got stuff to do.” But he stood in place, staring at her.

She smiled, her lips glistening in an orange shade. “Just for a few moments?” She leaned back, thrusting her ample cleavage out.

Roche’s gaze lingered on her chest as he licked his lips. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he ambled over and plopped down on the other side of the couch, his gaze still fixed on her breasts encased in her tight top.

Cupping them, she smiled. “You like these?” He gave a half shrug. “I think you do. You know, I’ve noticed the way you sneak looks at me when I’m over here.” She clucked her tongue and scooted closer to him. “Do you want to touch them? I’ll let you.”

A surge of lust flooded him, and the tightness in his jeans made him uncomfortable. He glanced at Lorraine’s face when she grabbed his hands and placed them over her breasts. “Squeeze them. They won’t bite you.” She laughed as he squished her lovely softness in his hands. “You’re real cute, you know that? I bet you don’t have any trouble getting girls.”

He didn’t answer. The truth was that girls did stare at him and want to date him, but he wasn’t interested in any of it. The only one who owned his heart was Clotille, and she acted like he didn’t exist. A streak of sadness ran through him as it always did when he thought of her.

“Harder,” she breathed.

He squeezed them firmly, loving the way they felt in his hands. Lorraine threw her head back, her lips parted, and moaned. Without thinking, he leaned over and kissed her neck. She grabbed a fistful of his thick dark hair and jerked it. “I think you’re the best-looking boy in the parish,” she whispered.

He pulled away, heat engulfing him, before placing his hands on each side of her face. He kissed her hard, forcing the seam of her lips open and plunging his tongue inside her willing mouth.

“Let’s go to your room,” she said thickly against his mouth. Without hesitation he stood, helped her up, and led her to his room, closing the door behind them.

Half an hour later, he noticed the breeze picked up outside as he watched the budding leaves of the willow trees sway. He slipped on his boxers and jeans without looking at Lorraine. As he bent over to pick up his T-shirt, he heard the back door slam shut. He whipped his head toward her. “Get dressed. Now. Vite!” From the footsteps he knew Henri had come in.

Before Lorraine could slip on her clothes, Henri came into the room. His eyes darted between her and Roche, his face turning dark with rage as he rushed over to her, yelling, “Putain!” A loud whack bounced off the walls in the small room. Lorraine’s hand rose to her face where she’d been hit.

As Henri readied to slap her again, Roche ran over and shoved him away. Suddenly the two brothers were tangled together, fists flying amidst all the swearing.

Roche looked at Lorraine who sat on the bed, a sheet covering her naked body, a red handprint decorating the right side of her face. “Get out of here,” Roche said as Henri’s fist landed on his jaw. She scooped up her clothes and ran out.

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