Secret Daddy(10)

By: Lucy Wild

I dropped the axe and turned for the house but she ran after me, tapping me on the shoulder and making my insides boil. Christ, I wanted to fuck her so badly.

I tried snapping at her, I tried being rude to her but the look on her face just made me want her more. She looked so surprised by my tone of voice, shocked by my manner, as if no one had ever spoken to her like that before. Spoiled little rich girl. If only she knew what I wanted to do to her, she’d have been far more shocked.

Then she asked about the play and I came within a whisker of spanking her in the yard, lifting that slutty little skirt of hers and yanking down her panties to reveal her bare ass. How dare she? She acted like it was the most natural thing in the world to come and get my consent. She knew nothing about the world, nothing about my reasons for not letting anyone perform it anymore.

It wasn’t who I was, not anymore. I’d left that life a long time ago, shutting it away at the same time as shutting myself away. The last thing I wanted was for my name to be talked about again, fan mail on the doormat, people turning up and gawping in at the window, coming to look at the man that got Cassie killed.

I went inside and slammed the door shut, leaving her out there. Then she had the gall to shout through the door, try and get me to come out. Well, it worked. I pulled open the door and watched her cower back as I snarled at her. “Get off my land. I see you again, you’ll be taught a lesson you won’t forget.”

At least that made her go. Another second in front of me and the lessons would have begun and no amount of pleading from her would have stopped them.

I watched out of the front window until she was gone. Only when I was sure she wasn’t coming back did I go outside and finish chopping the wood, blotting her out of my mind with manual labour until I was exhausted.

I woke up aching the next morning, my shoulders stiff. I walked it off before heading out on the quad bike with the fence posts in the trailer. I made my way across the fields to the edge of my land. Parking up on the trail, I took the spade and began to dig alongside the drainage ditch, not stopping until the first hole was a foot and a half deep. It took five minutes to pull the rotten post free and it was as I was tossing it aside that my foot slipped on the edge of the ditch, starting all my problems.

I started to slide down the mud at the slope of the ditch. Within seconds I was sinking into the thick gloop at the bottom of the ditch. I went to pull my left foot out but doing that only made my right foot sink further. Within seconds, I was stuck fast, both feet wedged in place. I spent ten minutes trying to work myself free before I had to stop, my legs tiring. The steep sides of the ditch were slick with mud and I couldn’t grip anything, I’d done too good a job of clearing it of undergrowth a month earlier.

“You look like you need a hand,” a voice said. I looked up, shielding my eyes from the sunlight and found myself looking into the eyes of the person I least wanted to see.



“You’ll be taught a lesson you won’t forget.”

That was the last thing he’d said to me. The little girl in me wanted to run away from such venom. The brat in me wanted to push him, wanted to test his boundaries, call his bluff. After all, what was the worst he could do, call the police? I doubted they’d even bother to turn up. “Excuse me Officer, a woman has had the audacity to ask me if she can perform my play, could you arrest her please?”

The clenching of his fists was what sent me away in the end. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know what he was capable of. Better not to antagonise him. I could come back when he was in a better mood and ask again. I didn’t want to go back to the drama group and tell them I’d failed. It wasn’t that I felt that they’d mind. It was more that I didn’t want their first impressions of me to be someone who couldn’t keep her promises.

I did a bit of unpacking when I got back to the house but soon lost the motivation to do anymore. I was too angry. It took time to work out what was irritating me so much. It was him. He’d got under my skin. How dare he threaten me like that? He had absolutely no right. I was still furious with him when I climbed into my nest of blankets that night but as I slept, a different thought came to me.

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