Secret Daddy(4)

By: Lucy Wild

I climbed in and turned the key, praying the engine would start. It did and I sighed with relief as I set off once more. Five miles to go. “You can make it,” I said, tapping the dashboard with my left hand. “I believe in you.” I wasn’t sure if I was talking to the car or me.



I was driving home from the club when I saw her. Or more accurately, when I almost killed her. I wasn’t really concentrating, I was too busy thinking about what a disappointing night it had been. It had been a long time since I’d been excited about anyone there. Every single one of the subs had been in the private rooms with me before and I was bored. Bored of the same faces every week, bored of trying to find someone new. Why did I keep going? A bizarre optimism is the best answer, a hope that some fresh innocent would sign up as one of the subs. It hadn’t happened in a long time.

So I’d spent the evening bored, watching the auction, not finding a single girl worth bidding on. Sure, Tiffany was a steal, just ten thousand for the night, but I knew what she looked like under that ball gown, I knew the sound she made when she came, a strangled little squawk that did nothing for me. I’d been there, done that. It wasn’t worth doing it again. I wanted someone new, someone inexperienced, someone I could corrupt, someone who had never tried spanking before, never been taken in front of a crowd, never been auctioned off, never done any of the things for which The Dark Club was so infamous.

There had to be an irony in the fact that just as I was wishing for an innocent little girl to appear in my life, I almost killed one. The first I knew of her was when I saw a pair of flailing arms in the middle of the road, about to be crushed under the front of my car.

I reacted just in time, slamming on the brakes and spinning the steering wheel, nearly losing control as I skidded round her, my car spinning to a halt in the middle of the road. I opened my door just to hurl abuse at her before continuing on my way but as soon as she answered, my mood changed. Her voice was so sweet, the way her hair was plastered to her forehead by the rain, the wind nearly knocking her off her feet, she was so slight, it made me want her. It made me want to stride the few feet it would take to reach her, snatch her off the road and shove her into the back of my car, take her back to the club, find out what she looked like underneath those soaking wet clothes.

I shook my head. That was why I didn’t speak to people like her. That was why my only trips out were to the club. I found it impossible to ignore the desires that prowled my mind. Temptation was a terrible thing but acting on it was worse. I couldn’t force her to the club, that was a one way ticket to trouble.

I was just dipping my head to climb back into my car when she said, “Please.” It was one single word, but it was a word laden with meaning. It sounded so weak, so needy, almost like she was begging me, begging Daddy to help his little girl. That was what she was like, a little girl who needed protecting, who needed looking after.

Against my better judgment, I looked after her. I changed her tyre despite every rational part of me screaming that I should leave before it was too late. Already my need was niggling away, drawing my eyes towards her. She stood watching me, trying to make conversation that I had to ignore. If I started talking to her, I’d draw her in, she’d fall for me like all the subs did. Then it would be impossible to just drive away. I’d end up tearing her clothes off her body in the rain, bending her over her car and ramming myself into her and fuck I had to stop thinking like that.

She almost destroyed me when she touched me. She tried to shake my hand but the feel of her cold fingers on mine sent lust raging through me and I had to leave, racing away and not looking back. She had no idea how close she’d come to danger. Because that’s what I was, what I am. A dangerous man.

It’s one thing to take control in the club, to dominate willing submissives. It’s another thing entirely to do it to a random woman in the middle of the night. When you have urges like mine, it’s vitally important to only indulge them in a controlled way, that was what the club was for.

I drove home, vowing to put her out of my mind. I shouldn’t have stopped to help. I should have driven on and ignored her pleas. Because seeing her, touching her, being near her, was too much. There was something about the way she looked, so trusting of me, not a hint of awareness of the risk she was in, that did things to me, that made me want to protect her, become her Daddy, make her my little girl, make her mine.

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