#Selfie (Hashtag Series Book 4)(6)

By: Cambria Hebert

Obviously, all thought went down south, and a lot of blood started rushing that way, too.

“What the hell are you even doing out here this late?” I asked gruffly as I started to walk.

“It’s our last night. I wanted to spend as much time on the beach as I could.”

“How’d that work out for ya?”


I was just about to tell her she needed to go on a diet when she turned her head so her cheek was pillowed on my shoulder and a sigh rushed out of her mouth. I felt her breath dance along my skin.

She really wasn’t that heavy.

When I reached the stairs to the house, I hesitated, figuring she could walk up the damn steps herself.

But I didn’t put her down.

I kept walking, still supporting her weight and my own.

At the top, I walked a couple feet across the deck to the sliders that led into the house. Inside was completely dark and still. But everything else around us seemed to be charged with energy.

“You gonna need me to carry you to bed?” I asked, the words coming out a lot huskier and a lot less sarcastic than I intended.

She pulled back, some of her body losing contact with mine. Her hands were on my shoulders and mine were still wrapped around her back.

“I think I can manage.” Her voice didn’t sound quite as mocking as it usually did, either.

My gaze dropped to her mouth. She had full, heart-shaped lips. Usually, I didn’t notice just how kissable they were because they were usually hurling insults my way.

The tension in the air seemed to spike. The wind blew around us, grabbing a thick strand of her hair and blowing it across her cheek. As she reached up and pulled it back, our gazes collided.

“Braeden?” she whispered.

I was on her before my name even fully left her lips. It echoed through a hollow place inside me I hadn’t realized was there.

We were like two sides of Velcro that fused together to create an unbreakable bond. I was the rough side and she was the soft. Normally, I wouldn’t say there was one soft thing about Ivy Forrester, but tonight was different.

Tonight, it was all I could feel. There wasn’t a single, solitary rough thing about the girl in my arms.

All the insults, snide looks, and barely contained dislike we slung at each other over and over again for months piled up. It created a stack of tinder, a mound of kindling that up until this moment had stayed cold and dry.

But no more.

The second she pulled back and her blue eyes landed on mine, the second she wrapped her legs around my waist and sighed against my neck, we were a forest fire waiting to happen.

All the pent-up angst between us turned from hate to desire and combusted in one great explosion.

The force of emotion that erupted pushed us even closer together, and now here I was ravaging her mouth like a wolf who hadn’t been fed in months and was being offered a thick cut of juicy, rare meat.

I pulled her tightly against me, close enough I could feel her ribcage dig into my chest. I kissed her so fiercely our teeth banged together, but instead of pulling back, I licked my tongue over the spot and kept kissing, kept going back for more.

Her hands slid up the back of my neck and into my hair. It was short, but she still found a way to tangle her fingers in, to grip my scalp and return my kiss with an intensity that matched my own.

I’d never had anyone kiss me back with the same kind of roaring passion as this.

Not ever.

It was so heady, my brain lost focus and pure instinct ruled. Two great steps brought us up against the house. Pinned between the wall and me, Ivy raked her hands across the back of my shoulders, her nails leaving a tingling trail.

I growled, once again feeling more wolf than man, and sank my teeth into her lower lip and pulled. Her flesh filled the inside of my mouth, and I sucked at it, wanting even more.

A small mewling sound slipped from her mouth, and she wiggled her hips in a circular motion, rocking the center of her thighs against me.

Holy fuck, I was so hard it hurt. My hips surged forward, but she was up too high, so my cock didn’t collide with the part of her it wanted.

I ripped my mouth away and dragged in a ragged breath.

Ivy collapsed back against the side of the house, her chest heaving and her nipples so hard they poked through her clothes. I reached between us and rolled one between my fingers. When she gasped and bit down on her lower lip, I damn near came in my pants.

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