#Selfie (Hashtag Series Book 4)(7)

By: Cambria Hebert

Keeping one hand on her breast, I grabbed her hair with the other and pulled her close again, taking her mouth and owning it.

Our tongues danced together, and I swear I explored as deep into her mouth as I could go.

It just wasn’t enough.

Bringing her with me, I moved into the house. Because we’d been here a week, I knew the pattern of the furniture well enough that I was able to maneuver around it even as I continued to assault her mouth with my own.

The way her legs tightened as I walked made me feel like I was on fire. Burning up from the inside out.

We reached my room, and I all but kicked the door before rushing inside. Behind my head, she grabbed the door and pushed it closed.

Ivy was so tightly wrapped around me that when I let go and crawled over the bed, she stayed right there with me. When I settled, her legs loosened and I pressed my body along hers, and we sank into the mattress together. Two bodies as one, making a single indent in the center of the bed.

Her hands skittered across my back muscles, squeezing and rubbing as she went until they slid into the waistband of my basketball shorts and over the bare skin of my ass.

I ripped my mouth away from hers and shoved my face into the pillow just above her shoulder. All my limbs were quivering with need and my heart beat so fast I genuinely thought it might be in danger of bursting.

Ivy’s teeth sank into my shoulder, and her hands palmed my ass and pulled it in. My hips responded instantly, thrusting into her center. My erection was hard and unforgiving and practically demanded entrance.

She moaned, the sound causing her teeth to release my skin, and her chin tipped up, exposing the pale, creaminess of her neck.

I left my rod right there where it was—teasing her core— even rocked a little so she would shudder as I sucked my way down her neck to her collarbone.

“Oh my God.” Her words sounded more like a prayer than anything. Her voice was almost unrecognizable to my ears. Her hands pulled free of my shorts and dug into the flesh on my back.

I took her lips again. She tasted like strawberries, and it reminded me of the daiquiris that were flowing freely at dinner and then later when we were all playing cards.

I ripped my mouth off hers and did a pushup so my body was raised up off hers, parallel to the bed. “Are you drunk right now?” I demanded.

I could’ve asked nicer, but just pushing out the words was difficult. The only thing I wanted to push right now was my cock inside her body.

“What?” she gasped, her eyes totally unfocused.

I let out a string of curses and shoved myself off the bed. I didn’t even bother trying to hide the huge-ass tent in my pants. She’d already felt it anyway.

She pushed up onto her elbows and looked at me, a little awareness coming back into her expression.

But then her eyes dropped, down to the place I wasn’t bothering to hide, and her teeth sank into her lower lip.

I groaned. “Don’t fucking do that.”

“You’re wet,” she murmured.

I glanced down. It was dark in here, but with the light from the moon coming through the window, I could see a dark spot on the front of my shorts.

I glanced back up at her thighs that were still spread.

She was wearing a dress thing, which meant when I was between her legs all that had been between us were her panties. Panties that were clearly soaked with her need.

Need so strong it soaked me too.

I moved fast, surprising us both, and clamped a hand around her ankle. Slowly, I towed her down the bed, toward me.

“Look. At. Me,” I ground out and held her chin so I could look into her eyes. “Are you drunk?”

Her eyes cleared a bit, enough that I could tell the only fog in her eyes was from what was going down between us.

“I had some drinks,” she said. “Hours ago.”

“So you’re not,” I surmised.

She shook her head slow. “They didn’t work.”

“Excuse me?” I said, impatient as my fingers left her ankle and started climbing up her calf.

“Turns out tequila isn’t enough to drown out the way you felt against me.”

My eyes snapped up.

Earlier at the grill. She’d been affected by me just as I had been by her.

“I’ve seen you looking,” she confided. “You like the way I look.”

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