#Selfie (Hashtag Series Book 4)(9)

By: Cambria Hebert

I felt her molten stare when I pulled out a condom, and then I reached in for another.

One wasn’t going to be enough.

I tossed the extra onto the pillow near her head and then used my teeth to rip open the foil packet in my hand. I could wrap myself in my sleep if I had to. I could wrap myself even without the light of the moon. It was second nature, so it didn’t take long.

When I climbed between her legs, her hand shot out and palmed my balls. Gently, she cupped them, felt their weight, and then dragged her fingers down the inside of my thigh.

I grabbed her hand and nipped at her fingertip. She laughed, but it was a short-lived sound, dying in her throat when I reached for her other hand.

After threading our fingers together, I pinned her arms above her head. She looked up at me with eyes full of anticipation.

I thrust into her—one deep plunge straight into the heart of her body.

My body registered it all at once. Slick. Hot. Tight.

But while my body was overwhelmed with sensation, my brain totally blanked out.

A sudden stillness came over the room. It was like we didn’t even breathe. I looked beneath me. She looked up.

I knew the shock written on her face was mirrored back at her.

Something passed between us, something even my brain didn’t comprehend. My chest tightened and a burning sensation erupted right below my ribs.

Ivy untangled her hands from mine, reached around my ass, and pulled me in farther. When I tried to move, she made a sound and clutched at me some more. I remained buried so deep inside a faint voice warned me I might hurt her.

But then she started rocking.

Small, fluid movements against me. We were so tightly pressed together, my pelvis rubbed against hers.

Tension coiled low in my stomach as she rocked, her movements becoming faster, her thrusts becoming harder.

How the hell was I on top but she was in control?

I tightened my hands into the sheets, prepared to take over.

“Right there,” she whispered.

I felt her body begin to shake, but then her eyes went wide. A shocked, almost frightened look replaced the pure bliss from just seconds ago.

I pulled back immediately, not leaving her body completely, but almost.

“Did I hurt you?” My voice was hoarse.

“No,” she was quick to say, but she wouldn’t look me in the eye.

I grabbed her chin and forced her eyes up. “Tell me.”

“It felt good,” she rushed out. “Better than ever before.”

She squeezed her eyes shut, embarrassment written on her face.

And then I understood.

Chapter Four


I didn’t know it could be like this.

I wasn’t a virgin. I’d had more than a couple partners in bed.

Sex wasn’t something new to me.

Yet this feeling was.

The way my body seemed to open up just for him. It was almost as if there were some secret combination inside me no one knew. Not even me.

But Braeden knew.

The sensations that took over my body were foreign and quite frankly wicked. I felt like I’d just discovered an itch I didn’t know I had. It was too good. It was too enticing. It was too overwhelming.

It was scary.

“You’ve never had an orgasm.” He dropped the words into the moment, blowing up my world.

As much as I wanted to be embarrassed, as much as his discovery should have totally blown whatever the hell had come over us, it didn’t.

“I…” Words failed me.

A slow, seductive smile spread across his face. Even in the dark, I could see it reach his eyes. That smile held a lot of things. Passion, surprise… greed.

“I want it,” he announced.

Like just the declaration would make it his.

Who was he to think he could just demand I give him something like that? The jerk. I was about to tell him what I thought of his demanding ways when he slid his well-muscled arms between my back and the mattress, pulling my body flush up against his. His hips surged forward and his cock went deep again.

My eyes rolled back in my head.

Braeden started moving. He was so large and hard he filled me completely. I could feel every inch of him, and it was delicious.

His movements mirrored the way I moved earlier, and something inside me throbbed so desperately it was almost painful. Confused, I started to pull away.

His palm grasped the back of my head and he pressed me deeper into the mattress.

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