Sexy Jerk(6)

By: Kim Karr

Out loud.

So he could hear.

Many times.

Sure, he’s tall, dark, and handsome. And yes, he has the best ass I’ve ever seen, and I mean ever seen quite literally. You see he mooned me at Fiona and Ethan’s Fourth of July barbecue last year, which pretty much defines his personality.

He always has to be the life of the party.

He’s also arrogant.


And a playboy.

Every time I see him, he has a different woman on his arm. I can say this about him—he doesn’t discriminate. Tall, short, blonde, brunette, they’ve all gotten their turn with Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. From what I’ve heard, he just never keeps any of them around long enough to give them a chance.

Plain and simple, he’s a manwhore.

And I’ve had my fill with manwhores. So seeing his vehicle in the driveway isn’t making me extremely pleased right now.

Again I ask myself, “Why is he here?”


No, please no, don’t tell me something happened to Fiona.

Hitting the gas, I floor it into the driveway as fast as I can. Once I put the SUV in park, I hurry to get Max out of his car seat.

Rushing inside with Max on my hip and his gear on my shoulder, I take the stairs up to the main floor two at a time, and come to a screeching halt.




Holy shit!

Coming down the stairs is all six-foot-two inches, and I mean all six-foot and two inches of Nick Carrington in his glory.


No towel.

Completely naked.

He looks at me, only a little surprised, and mumbles, “Shit,” or something like that. I’m not really listening right now. There is so much white noise in my head that I don’t think my ears are working properly. Or my hat is on too tight.


Ignore that two inches part because he is, well, to be blunt . . . huge.

“Uncle Nick,” Max screams in delight, jolting me out of the trance I had fallen into.

“Nick!” I scream in outrage, while at the same time relieved that nothing must be wrong with Fiona or Ethan.

He covers himself with his hands and shrugs.

“Nick! What the hell!” I yell.

“Uncle Nick!” Max exclaims again with glee.

My head jerks in Max’s direction. Instead of following suit and covering his eyes like me to shade his vision from the sight of Nick’s smooth, tanned, muscular chest, tight six-pack, and well, his huge endowment, the almost three-year-old reaches out for him.


“Hey, Tess. Good to see you,” Nick says, seemingly unfazed in the least by his nakedness.


“Nick!” I manage again, beginning to worry I am taking after Max now with the repeating.

Nick lets out a chuckle that really irritates me. “Shit,” he says again. “You got up the stairs much faster than I thought you would. Let me just grab some clean clothes and I can help you with Max’s things.”

“Uncle Nick. Uncle Nick. Uncle Nick. Uncle Nick,” Max keeps repeating, squirming relentlessly for me to let him down.

My eyelids remain squeezed shut, but I need both hands to help with my struggle to keep Max secured to my hip because he has now started to kick his feet. “What are you doing, Nick?” I ask without looking in his direction.

“I went for a run and grabbed a quick shower. Like a dumbass, I left my bag down here with my clean clothes and thought I could mad dash it once I heard the garage door. Guess I was wrong. You don’t have to keep your eyes closed. I’m sure you’re not going to see anything your French guy Andy isn’t equipped with.”

Dumbass is right.

Feeling like I’ve been stabbed in the heart, I give up the struggle with Max and let him down just in time to see Nick’s back muscles ripple as he bends to open the large duffle bag on the ground beside his bare feet. “His name is Ansel, not Andy,” I correct, “but I’m pretty sure you already know that. And for the record, he’s not my guy anymore. We broke up.”

Nick raises his gaze, and for the first time I notice just how blue his eyes are. “I’m sorry to hear that. Ethan hadn’t mentioned it,” Nick says rather sincerely as he pulls on a pair of jeans, opting to go commando.

Not that I notice.

Without bothering to button them, he then grabs for Max who is already by his side. “Hey kiddo,” he says, scooping him up and tossing him in the air a few times before setting him on his feet. “What do you say we get these warm clothes off?”

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