She's Too Young (She's Too Young #1)(32)

By: Jessa Kane


Her smile is so radiant, I’m shocked when the sun doesn’t emerge in outrage over someone trying to make it obsolete. She slides her fingers through my hair and lets me use my tongue on her mouth, allows me to lift her sexy, young body against mine. “Have you fired the pretty ones yet?” She breathes the question while cinching her legs around my waist.

Pleasure curls in my stomach at her jealousy, at my ability to make her happy with the coming news. “They’ve all been transferred elsewhere.” My laughter is low as she lays enthusiastic kisses on my face. “I told you, angel. Any goddamn thing you want in the world. It’s yours.”

She starts to respond, but her words are drowned out by a boom of thunder…and her breath catches, face paling. “Ramsey…”

“Shh.” I tuck her face into my neck. “Nothing and no one touches you when you’re with me.”

“Only Ramsey,” she whispers.

“That’s right.”

My blinding relief that she’s come back to me is fast being overrun by animal need. She’s pliant against me, her soft lips resting on my neck, breath fanning the ends of my hair. So trusting, despite what I put her through. I should bring her inside and fuck her on my desk while the lightning brightens my office in flashes, then bring her home. Get her something to eat, dress her in silk, and massage her back until she falls asleep. God yes, I want that every night.

But I have a need to prove to her that she’s made the right decision, so I let her perfect curves slide down my muscle. As soon as her feet touch the ground, I turn her toward the ledge and place her hands on the concrete.

“See everything out there, Veda? All the buildings and stores and restaurants?” I lift the back of her raincoat, followed by the hem of her dress. Shit. Those two tight buns are waiting for me, round and sweet. No panties, but I’m in the mood to be lenient, since I’m about to take her from behind, and I never knew if I’d be given the privilege.

Unzipping my pants, I speak into her hair, feeling her shiver. “I’m going to put your name on every last one of those places. We’re going to own this city together. You like that idea?”

I use my foot to slide her legs apart and she gasps. Hesitates. “Y-yes.”

Something in her tone draws my eyebrows together. “What is it?”

She turns to look at me over her shoulder. I can’t read what’s going on in her mind, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. “I need to know I’ll still be free, once I turn eighteen. The deal…it’s still on?”

Out of lust, out of anger, I thrust home inside her still-virginal cunt, shouting up at the night sky. “It’s still on.” I jerk her hips back into my lap, grinding my cock into her unique tightness. “But know this, Veda. I’m going to make sure you never want to leave.”

Both of us panting, we descend into a frantic kiss over her shoulder and when Veda pulls back, she whispers, sounding shaken, “I know.”

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