She's Too Young (She's Too Young #1)(9)

By: Jessa Kane

She sits up, pushing the fall of blonde hair behind one slim shoulder. “It’s nothing, really.”

I take her chin in my hand, tilting it up. “Tell me.”

Blue eyes flash at mine while she hesitates. “Every year, my dad is working on parent-teacher conference day, but he was going to make it this year. Took the day off and everything.” She tilts her head, nuzzling her cheek into my hand. “No one has made the appointment since my mother died and it always feels like I’m the only one. The only student who doesn’t have someone to show up.”

Guilt prods me in the gut like a glowing iron poker. “You still have those conferences, even though you’re a senior in high school?”

She nods. “In private school, we do.”

“And when is this meeting supposed to take place?”

“Tomorrow morning,” she whispers, pressing her lips to the center of my palm. Jesus Christ, I’m going to bust through the fly of my dress pants. Her lips…you have no idea what the swollen drag of them does to me, coupled with the sadness in her eyes. I’m inside out, my tongue weighing a thousand pounds in my mouth. I would promise her the universe right now, if she asked me.

My thumb brushes over her cheek. “I’ll go to your meeting.”

The blue of her eyes lightens. “You will?”

Perhaps I’m distracted by the never-ending rush of lust she inspires in me, but I think I sense victory in her expression, before it vanishes. Did I imagine it?

Then I have no more capacity to speculate, because she shoots to her feet and begins to jump on the bed once again, her blonde hair flying out in dozens of directions like rays of light. The difference this time is I have a front row seat to the flying up of her skirt, the flex of her thighs, the bouncing of her tits beneath the buttoned, white blouse. “Veda, that’s enough.” She doesn’t listen, merely jumping higher, smile broadening. “You’re not to do this unless I’m home.”

One of the buttons on her shirt opens. Two more of them follow suit. “Because you would catch me if I fell?”


The answer is barely out of my mouth when she comes too close to the edge. I lunge forward, tackling her backwards onto the bed. And when my muscles press her gentle curves down into the mattress, that’s it. I’m already frantic. She’s breathing heavy from the exertion, her breasts shuddering up and down inside the lace cups of her bra. I plant my mouth between them and lick up to her neck, one hand reaching between our bodies to unfasten my pants. This is it. I’m already ruined. She hasn’t been in my home five minutes and I’m already getting ready to bury myself in her too-young, too-sweet pussy.

“Mr. Beckett,” calls a male voice, outside in the hall. For a few beats, I resolve to ignore the person calling my name, because fuck, her skin tastes like sugar, and she’s got her fingers sliding through my hair, tugging. Those fingers are shaking a little, but she’s excited, her thighs blossoming open like a shy flower. She’d let me give her my dick right here, right now, in the middle of the day, before she has even taken off her pristine tennis shoes.

“Mr. Beckett, I apologize, but your car is waiting out front.” A short pause, punctuated by the interrupter’s discomfort. “You asked me to make sure you weren’t late to the meeting with the China branch. Their plane landed an hour ago.”

My growl is low and frustrated between Veda’s handful-sized tits, because I know I have to leave. The meeting is too important and too long in the making to miss, no matter how badly I’d like to remain in this bed for a week with Veda beneath me. With an immense case of reluctance, I gain my feet and ease a stunned Veda’s legs back together. “There is a phone on your bedside table. Press number one and ask for whatever you want. Any food you’re craving, a bathing suit for the pool, a movie in the theater. Any. Thing.”

Her eyes have gone wide as silver dollars with my list. “When will you be back, Ramsey?”

I love her saying my name. “Late, I’m afraid.” I plant a fist on the bed and lean down to give her a long, deep kiss. So deep, she gasps around my tongue and sends a vibration coursing down my abdomen, forcing me to adjust my erection. “Ask for whatever you want, angel. I will give you everything.”

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