Something So Perfect(10)

By: Natasha Madison

“Whatever, I’m not difficult.” I walk to the window, which is facing the small covered backyard. “I noticed that the fridge is empty downstairs, so I’ll make a list and you can go and pick up the things I’ll need.” I turn to face her.

“Um, excuse me?” She puts a hand on her hip. “Pick up the things you need? I think you’re confused just a touch. I’m a chaperone, not a PA. You want someone at your beck and call, hire someone.”

“They did, you,” I tell her, watching her bite her teeth together so hard, I think her teeth might snap.

She charges out of the room, opening her bedroom door and slamming it. I wait at the entrance of my room, listening to the banging that’s going on behind her closed door. I’m about to go knock when the door swings open.

“You listen here.” She walks up to me, huffing and pointing her finger at me. “You want stuff in the fridge, go buy it yourself. You need soap or shampoo, get it on your way out. You need your cleaning picked up, I’ll call you an Uber. I won’t now, nor ever, be at your beck and fucking call.”

I don’t hear anything else that comes out of her mouth. The only thing I can focus on is her lips and how plump they are and how she licks them a lot when she’s angry and the only thing running through my mind now is making them even more plump by kissing the shit out of her.

Chapter Four


I’m ranting and raving and the only thing I can think of is his two strong arms he’s showing me. Well, from the elbow down. His sleeves are rolled up and the way his hands lie on his hips, I want to jump on him, wrap my legs around him, and kiss the ever loving fuck out of him. But he made me so mad. Give me a shopping list, a fucking shopping list.

“Let’s get something straight, as you must not know the difference between a chaperone and a PA.” I continue my rant from before. “Do you have a computer?” I ask him, watching his eyes fixate on my lips, making me self-conscious, making me lick them even more. When he doesn't answer me, I wave my hand in front of his face. “Hello, computer?”

When he just smirks at me I’m about to pull my hair out. “You need to chill, babe.”

Babe? Did he just tell me to chill and then followed it with a babe? I flip my hand to the side.

“Go change. We’ll go for a walk and you can show me where to get groceries and stuff.” He then looks at his watch. “It’s almost dinner time anyway, so maybe we can eat out?” He walks past me, going back down the stairs to grab his bag and then running up the stairs, throwing his bag down in the corner. “Babe, change, yeah.”

I’m standing here with my mouth hanging open in utter disbelief that he would ignore all the huffing and puffing I just did and follow it up with babe. “Three seconds. Two—” He stops counting so I can ask him.

“What happens at one?” Shoot me, I’m curious.

“I get naked,” he says, pulling his shirt out of his pants and unbuttoning them. “Two.”

I turn, darting out of the room. “I’m going to change,” I say, running into my room, shutting the door. I have to walk through my closet before I reach my bedroom, which is in the back of the house. Quiet, peaceful, serene, that’s what I told the decorator and she didn’t disappoint. My huge king-sized bed sits against the white wall. The covers are white, cushiony, and thick like a cloud. All you want to do is sink into it. The gold throw pillows light up the room. I don’t have any furniture except two side tables with two lamps. I hear a knock on my door and I’m about to tell him to come in, but he’s already walking in.

“Jesus, I thought my sisters had big closets. They would vacation in yours.” He looks around. “Why aren’t you dressed yet?”

I look back at him and he’s wearing black running pants and a white T-shirt with the team’s logo in the corner. A torn up baseball cap on his head.

“You can’t just barge into my room,” I tell him. “What if I was naked?” I put my hand to my chest to maybe hide the fact that my heart is beating so hard he might see it almost come out of my chest.

“One can only hope.” Is all he says, going to the bed and sitting on it. “Babe, go change. I’m starving.”

“Okay, we need to discuss a couple of things.” I look at him. “Perhaps go over a couple of ground rules.” I’m about to continue when he puts his hand up.

“Can we do this while we eat? My stomach is eating itself at this point.”

“Unbelievable!” I yell, walking back into my closet, slamming yet another door. I grab my yoga pants off the shelf and tug them on so fast I almost get my foot caught and fall over with my ass in the air. I grab a T-shirt, the whole time grumbling, “Such an asshole.” I put my T-shirt on. “Bossing me around, hungry, hungry. I’ll show him hungry.” I rip my sweater off the hanger, zipping it up, opening the door to find him still sitting on my bed while he watches something on his phone.

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