Something So Perfect(4)

By: Natasha Madison

Chapter Two


I wait for the door to click before collapsing on it and letting out the breath I’ve been holding in. Jesus, I didn’t think the first time I’d meet Matthew Grant would be when I was running on a treadmill in the middle of a gym watching the Kardashians. I slowly slide down to the floor, thinking about how I got here.

I rushed into the building my father owned, running past security while I waved hello. I was a few minutes late and I knew my father was a stickler for that. ‘Karrie, the early bird gets the worm.’ It was stuck in my brain. He summoned me to his office early that morning, not giving me a chance to say no. As soon as I reached the floor to Cooney Communication, I walked to the corner office I’d been visiting since before I could walk. My great great-grandfather started this company. Over the years we’d branched out to entertainment. We owned the Cooney SportsCenter where our hockey and basketball teams played as well as all the sold-out concerts.

My mother and I would visit every single Thursday, our standing lunch date until she passed away from breast cancer at forty-two. Then it was only me. He would send the car for me and we continued on the tradition. I think this was why I came today. The calendar showed that it was Wednesday. Once I got to my father’s office, his assistant, who had also been there for longer than I could remember, smiled at me as she took her glasses off.

“Look at you.” Alice got up and came around the desk to hug me.

“Hey, Alice.” I hugged her back. “I was asked if I could come in. I thought it would be for lunch, but,” I said while I let her go, “I guess it’s not.”

“You look just like your mother.” She smiled at me while she took my face into her hands.

“She does, she really does.” I heard from behind me.

I turned and came face to face with my father. My father, I had to say was my hero. He stood at six foot four, blond hair, and blue eyes, eyes that still had the sadness from losing Mom, even though he tried to mask it. I walked up to my father and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Dad.” I lay my head on his chest. He leaned down to kiss the top of my head.

“Did you eat?” He let me go as I entered his office. “Alice, can you please get us something to eat?”

I knew she’d already picked up the phone and ordered our favorite food. My father’s office hadn’t changed in forever. Family pictures were hung on the wall. Pictures of my mother were still on his desk. Their love was that of a love story.

Rich boy met a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Fell in love against the odds. Not only had they run off and got married, they lasted longer than anyone thought they would. They did it with love, honor, and respect.

I threw my purse on the low coffee table in the center of the office and took a seat on the couch. My father came over and sat just across from me.

“So are you settling in well?” he asked since I moved into a Brooklyn brownstone he bought for me without my consent or knowledge.

“Dad, you bought me a brownstone,” I told him, “not a small apartment like you said. It’s a flipping brownstone.” I had never lacked for anything. I had about four trust funds set up for me, yet I still attended a public school and hung around with ‘normal’ people, as they put it.

“It was an investment.” He smiled at me. “Besides, I’m still not talking to you for paying your tuition all through school, so call it even.” Not only had I paid for it myself, I actually got a job. My father was so proud of me, even if it was just at the coffee shop. “Now, I asked you to come here for a reason.” His voice got very formal, which made my eyebrows pinch together. “I have a job offer for you.”

“Dad,” I huffed out, about to get off the couch. “We discussed this. I’m going to get my own job. I have a master’s in communication and public relations. Surely that will get me somewhere.” I had been a nerd in high school, so much so I graduated a year ahead of everyone my age and I was no different having completed my master’s degree in just under two years.

“Listen to me before you start, Karrie.” He got up, going to his desk where he took a folder in his hands. “We’ve just acquired Matthew Grant,” he started, and I looked at him, not sure if I should have known who this was or not.

He placed the file down in front of me, and I opened it up and came face to face with the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. His hair looked like he’d just run his hands through it. His face had a well-trimmed beard, his eyes chestnut brown, the same color as his hair. But what got me was the dimple on one side of his face. His smirk had melted many hearts as well as panties for sure. He was dressed in a suit with his hands in his pockets.

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