Something So Perfect(6)

By: Natasha Madison

His body is definitely bigger, his chest wide, and when he took off his soaked shirt, I almost face-planted on the treadmill. His arms are muscled up and his skin smooth. The only thing he has on his body is a scripture writing on his ribs under his arm. Let’s not even start with the abs. His six-pack is so defined that if you poured water down his chest, you’d have six separate pools. I close my eyes, trying to make my heart settle down. “Get out of your head, Karrie. This is a job. You have to ignore the pang of your vagina and focus on the goal.”

I pick up my phone, texting my best friend Vivienne.


Three seconds later, I see the bubble appear on the bottom with the three dots in it. I know she is answering me.

Vivienne and I have been best friends since the last year of high school. She was an exchange student from Paris and we clicked right away. We bonded over trust funds, fashion, and all things Gossip Girl. The bubble disappears and instead a picture of her face lights up on my phone. I press the green button and collapse on the bed.

“Go for it, Ho Bag,” I greet her and hear her laugh in the background.

“Very funny.” She is almost whispering.

“Where are you?” I ask her while looking out my minuscule window. I’ve got a great view of the brick wall from the next building. Nothing says New York like your window facing a brick wall.

“I’m in court, so I can’t talk too loud. Where did you meet him?”

“Why are you in court?” I ask her, confused.

“I followed a guy I met in Starbucks here. I swear he winked at me.”

I’m the one who starts laughing immediately now. Vi has always been a hopeless romantic, thinking that love will happen at first sight. I’m always there to catch her when she falls, with wine and ice cream.

“You know he may be in court because he’s a criminal, right?” I turn on my side.

“I don’t think so. He’s wearing a suit. A nice suit,” she says, and I hear a case number being called in the back. “Oh, shit.” I hear her muttering while she says excuse me a couple of times. “Jesus, why why why do I do that to myself?”

I’m not sure she’s asking me the question or answering it herself.

“Hello?” I ask, sitting up.

“He was in court being charged with robbery,” she huffs. “I swear we had a moment.” She continues huffing as she walks faster. “Okay, now back to you, you met him?”

“I did, in the gym. I was on the treadmill watching the Kardashians and he came in.”

“How many times did I tell you not to watch that show in public? You never listen to me. Merde,” she curses in French.

“I missed the last three weeks and it was about Kim’s robbery. You know I’m going to watch just to see her cry,” I tell her, trying to find a good reason for watching that. “Plus, who goes to a hotel gym?”

“Obviously people who want to work out?” She points out.

“Whatever,” I huff out. “He was in there with sweat all over him, huffing and puffing while he ran.” I roll my eyes. It was actually gross. Okay, maybe not, but still.

“Did you talk to him?”

“No, although he did bump into me walking to the elevator, and I thought he stabbed me in the back, except it wasn’t a dagger!” I giggle.

“He stuck his cock in your back? Like in your pucker hole?”

“Are you insane? I haven’t even had sex the whole way yet. Well, like full-blown sex.”

“Two pumps is not sex!” she yells out somewhere on the streets of New York. “Then he got soft and collapsed. He should have his penis taken away. Permanently.”

“You know I saw him last month making out with a guy. Maybe my vagina broke his penis.”

“Your vagina did no such thing. So when is this meeting?”

“Tomorrow. I’m arriving at eleven to go over the clauses in his contract. He gets there at noon.”

“Okay, I want you to text me right after, and don’t forget to dress sexy. If he got a boner with you in shorts, imagine you in tight stuff. He might be tenting all meeting long.”

“Au revoir,” I tell her, hanging up, going into the shower, and turning the water back up to hot. “It’s going to be fine. It’ll be good. I got this,” I tell my reflection in the mirror, right before I close my eyes and picture him naked.

Chapter Three


I pick up the suit jacket, shrugging it on. I’m not putting on a tie, so the collar is open. I pull out the cuffs so my sleeves are smooth in my suit. I pick up my wallet, putting it in the pocket inside my suit jacket. I grab my phone and walk out ordering an Uber. As soon as I schedule the pick-up, my phone rings and a picture of Allison with her tongue out flashes on my screen.

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