Surrender To The Cyborgs(2)

By: Grace Goodwin

The man by my head moved to lie down beside me, his hot length pressing against my side. Hands gripped my waist and flipped me over on top of him, my arms still up over my head, over his as well. If I leaned down a few inches, surely I would kiss him. Shifting my legs into a comfortable position, I straddled him. My breasts chafed against the soft hairs on his chest. My slick skin slid easily over him. My pussy coated his cock, which I rested upon, the girth of it parting my folds. Our breaths mingled and yet I still couldn’t see him.

“Please,” I begged, wiggling my hips to get his cock at my entrance, so I could get him deep inside me. I needed him deep inside me. I had never thought it before, and if that made me a total slut, I didn’t care, but I needed cock.

A hand came down on my upturned bottom, the sting of it a surprise. While it hurt, it morphed into even more pleasure and I gasped, then groaned.

“We say how,” the man behind me said.

“We say when,” the one beneath me finished.

A palm cupped my stinging bottom, pulled my cheeks apart. A hard finger, slick and coated with something cool slid over me there, finding my back entrance, circling, then pushing in.

The sharp bite of the stretch had me panting, stilling. The finger worked the lube into me, more, then more still.

“Are you ready for our cocks, mate? To be ours forever?” The man behind me spoke as he gently yet thoroughly prepared my ass for…oh god. Our cocks. Forever.

Yes. I was ready. More than ready. Time didn’t exist, only the feel of his finger as he worked me, stretched me open, the feel of the hard, muscled body beneath me. Hands stroked my back, my sides, my hair.

“She’s ready.”

I’d been ready for a while but didn’t mention it, afraid I’d get spanked again. They were in control, so I bit my lip.

I felt them move, heard the rustling of their actions as I was lifted up so that the cock beneath me nudged my pussy. Yes! I wiggled, trying to lower, but he would have none of it. I realized when I felt the other’s cock at my prepared back passage that they were going to take me together.

Really together. Not one after the other. Not one in my pussy, the other cock in my mouth. Together, as in double penetration.

As I panicked, a sense of eagerness, of extreme arousal washed over me. I felt the men’s desires mingle with my own through the collar and it tempered my panic and soothed it with mindless need.

“Please,” I begged, feeling their cocks pressing. The one at my pussy slid in easily, the wet sound of my arousal as loud as our breaths. In a smooth stroke, he sank deep, filling me. He groaned. I groaned. God, he was big. Thick. Hard. So fucking deep.

“I’m going to come.”

I was. They’d primed me so well that I was shaking with it.

“Not yet. As soon as you are ours, when you take both our cocks we will be truly joined. Only then will you be collared, mated, claimed.” The man behind me spoke in my ear as he pressed inward, the broad head of his cock slowly opening me. My body held barely any resistance to his efforts. Perhaps it was the lube or his intent, but I truly believed it was the collars that connected us, that made me relax, to breathe out, to give over. They’d wanted me to submit and this act was the ultimate submission.

I could do nothing but take whatever they wanted. When they wanted. How.

It was that knowledge more than the second cock sinking into me that had me coming on a blissful scream. I was so full, so open. Exposed. Vulnerable and yet powerful all at once.

It was too much, the pleasure. I was truly imprisoned, caught not only by the bonds over my head, but the cocks that joined us. We were one.

When I felt their hot seed spurt from them, I screamed again, then again.

“Miss Pierce!” The voice repeated itself and a hand shook my shoulder. “Stop screaming, please.”

I was thrashing, felt the way my hands were bound, knew it was real.


No, it wasn’t real. The voice shouting at me was a woman, not the deep rumble of either man.

I blinked, once, then again. Bright light filtered through the seams of my closed eyelids, turning my vision a deep, dark red until, unable to deny the annoying woman’s voice, or the too small hand on my shoulder. I opened my eyes.

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