Surrender To The Cyborgs(64)

By: Grace Goodwin

“So big, so brave.” She cleared her throat, looked at the floor. “I’m sorry.”

I felt the tear in Ryston’s wall around that part of his heart. It ached and throbbed, and I clung to Maxim.

“I have no excuse. None. Maxim’s mother came to me. She practically beat me on the head to see sense. I should have had it on my own, but sometimes we need help from others.”

“Yes. I found that with Rachel,” Ryston said, his voice almost rusty sounding.

“I do not wish to remain on Prillon Prime, but with you, my son.”

“What?” he asked, stunned. “What about Father?”

Her eyes met his, the same pale color. “He will come, too, but I…I needed to see you. To know if I would be rejected or not.”

“We are the rejected ones here on the Colony. We would never do that to others,” Ryston countered.

“If you will have me, us, then we will come. My family is with you. Wherever you are. If there is room?”

I ached for the woman, for Ryston. Circumstance tore them apart. Just as the cruel accusations on Earth destroyed my life. And yet that ruin brought about my life here. Joy. Mates. Love. It could be the same for them as well.

“Yes. There’s room. For Father as well. For everyone.”

They closed the distance and Ryston took his mother’s small form into his tight embrace.

Yes, there was enough room for all of us. A family, lives intertwined. Different than I’d imagined, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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