Surrender To The Cyborgs(8)

By: Grace Goodwin

Now the contaminated fighters banished to the Colony world included Atlans and Trionites, Everians, Viken and Prillon warriors, and, recently a handful of human warriors from Earth. Divided into eight bases, the Colony was ruled by eight Governors and one Prime. Governors were chosen, as all Prillon leaders were, by battle and blood. The strongest ruled. The strongest led by example.

As I must now. As Governor of Base 3, it was my mate testing that everyone was eagerly, and warily, watching. If there were no mates for the strongest of us, then there was no hope for the others.

And so, when Prince Nial became Prime, the Colony buzzed with renewed life, with hope. For the new Prime of our home world was contaminated himself. Despite his imperfections, he’d found a beautiful and submissive mate, a mate strong enough to accept his claim in the battle arena on Prillon Prime, witnessed by millions. Like the others, I’d watched on a live vid broadcast as Prime Nial and his second, Ander, claimed her body on the bloodied battlefield like warriors of old.

My cock stirred at the memory. For Prince Nial and his bride, Lady Jessica Deston, had visited the Colony shortly before that final battle. Lady Deston was a warrior herself, and had spoken harshly of Prillon’s policies. She’d vowed to help the contaminated find mates. She’d given us a new name—veterans—and claimed we deserved honor and respect. She’d given all of us courage. And she’d followed through on her vows, accepting her contaminated mate in front of millions.

Warden Egara from Earth contacted the Colony just days later about beginning the Interstellar Brides Program protocols for our warriors. I’d been the third warrior processed, an experience I remembered little of other than waking with a sense of loss and a cock so hard it felt like iron in my hands.

Like the other governors and a handful of highly respected warriors here, I had submitted to the program’s testing several weeks ago. Though I could not believe any female would accept a damaged warrior such as myself for a mate, I could not stop my heart from racing in my chest at the summons I answered now.

If any Colony warrior had been matched, then there would be hope for matches for all of us. The battle-scarred warriors banished to live out their lives here desperately needed a bit of hope.

We rounded the corner to find everyone in the comm station waiting with a suffocating silence. The warden’s words could either save us, or doom everyone on the planet.

On the large screen at the front of the room Warden Egara’s lovely face filled the entire space. But there were deep creases beneath her eyes and a darkness in the gray depths I’d not seen before. “Warden Egara. Greetings. It is our pleasure to see you again.” The Warden had recently traveled to the Colony to complete the initial rounds of testing and we’d had to keep her under lock and key, practically a prisoner. Her presence made the unmated males on the planet eager to claim her.

“Governor Rone. I wish I could say the same.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as if bracing herself before she spoke. “Maxim, I need your help.”

My hands were in fists at my sides before I could control my reaction. “Anything, my lady.” Beside me, Ryston’s shoulders were tense, his hand resting on the ion blaster at his side. The room was blanketed in silence. A female in distress—even light years away across the universe—made every man in the room remember instincts so basic and primal that we would have been growling had we not wanted to frighten her.

But then, she’d been mated to two Prillon warriors. Perhaps our aggression would comfort rather than scare her.

“It’s not for me.” Her eyes darted from me to Rytson and back again. “It’s for someone else. A bride. A Colony bride.”

The news made my heart race. “A match has been made then?”

“Yes. But she has refused transport.” Warden Egara rose from her seat in front of her comm device and paced on the screen before us. Behind her, I recognized the setting of a processing center, the medical equipment, the sterile utility of the white walls and exam table.

Ryston stepped forward, a frown on his face. “How can she refuse transport? I don’t understand.”

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