Taken by Two Bikers(2)

By: Jasmine Black

I grabbed my purse, rolled up my window, got out of my car, and locked it. Gil handed me his extra helmet and I put it on and latched it into place. I waited for him to get on his bike, then I climbed on behind him, straddled the seat, and curled my arms around his waist. Just like old times.

His powerful body felt good against mine. Suddenly I felt safe. The engine roared to life and within seconds, we were cruising down the highway with his friend right behind us.

Chapter Two

It only took about ten minutes until we pulled into the garage. The scents of oil and gas wrapped around me and I realized I’d missed these smells. Missed this place too.

As we all got off the bikes, Gil’s friend removed his helmet. I recognized him immediately. Joel was one of Gil’s good friends. He was a mechanic who worked for Gil ,and as Joel gazed at me, his green eyes were intense with interest.

“Hey, Zoe, long time.”

“How’s it been? How’s your mom and dad?” I asked him. I knew he was really close to his parents and he always enjoyed talking about them.

His face relaxed and his voice grew soft.

“Still living it up in Arizona. They love it there. They’ve added two rescue dogs to their retirement.”

“That’s great. I’m glad to hear it.”

Joel smiled and went down a hall into a back room where he began rummaging around, most likely for the jerry can.

“So, you want to be serviced, do you?” Gil whispered. He’d come up behind me and I could feel his intense body heat. I’d forgotten how tall and big he was and how protected I felt around him.

“Gil…” I should tell him I’d only been teasing him earlier. But that would be a lie.

“I won’t do anything without Joel involved. That’s the only way you’re tumbling back into my bed,” he whispered in a hoarse voice.

Arrogant son of a gun, wasn’t he? But the idea of getting it on with Gil and Joel excited me.

“Two for the price of one. Not a bad deal,” I joked. Gosh, I couldn’t believe I was pushing him like this.

To my surprise, he reached out and took my hand. It was firm. He meant business.

“Let’s go in back, where we’ll have privacy,” he said.

I trembled as he pulled me down a narrow hallway where Joel had disappeared moments earlier. We passed walls lined with cubicles that contained car and motorcycle parts and my thoughts whirled. What was I doing? Could I go through with what he wanted? I’d never done anything like this before. I mean, Gil had taken me anally on occasion, but having sex with two men? It was scary sexy.

As we passed Joel, who was coming up the hall with a jerry can, Gil stopped and spoke softly to him.

“Joel, lock up and join us in my bedroom. That’s an order.”

My tummy hollowed out like I was on a roller coaster as Joel grinned and nodded. His lusty gaze swept over me in a very quick and erotic inspection.

“I like your orders, boss,” he said.

Then Gil lead me to where he lived.

The room in back still looked cozy. I’d been here plenty of times with Gil. The queen-sized bed with dark-green sheets and matching comforter was all military tight, as he’d been taught while in the Army. There were a couple of unwashed dishes on his kitchenette counter, and his room smelled fresh like vanilla. He had this thing for vanilla-scented candles, which he headed toward on a nearby shelf . He lit several of them.

“Can I get you some coffee?” he asked as he plugged in the coffee machine.

“No, thanks. Keeps me up all night.”

“That is the idea.”

Gil’s white teeth flashed in a sensual grin that made my body hum. In a split second, he’d kicked off his leather boots, removed his leather jacket, gloves and his white T-shirt exposing his broad, bare chest laced with muscles. He stepped closer to me, and his hands spanned my waist. The heat from his body crashed against me like an inferno and my heart began an uncontrollable pound.

“I’ve missed you like crazy, Zoe,” he whispered. His gaze was so intense it shot shivers through me.

“I missed you too,” I whispered back.

Boy, did I ever. My gaze dropped over his corded chest muscles to the crisp dark hair that arrowed beneath the waistband of the tight leather pants he wore. I noticed the prominent bulge between his thighs.

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