Taken by Two Bikers(3)

By: Jasmine Black

“May I undress you?” he whispered.

Like he needs permission?

“You can do anything you want to me,” I replied, surprised at how breathless my voice sounded.

“Why are you suddenly so accommodating, Zoe? You do realize what I’m asking, don’t you?” Gil said in an ultra-thick voice. Curiosity twinkled in his eyes.

“I want you, Gil. You and Joel.” I meant it too. I wanted to lose myself in their arms tonight. I’d think about reality in the morning.

There wasn’t even a flinch of jealousy on Gil’s face that I admitted I wanted another man having sex with me. Heck, truth be told, I fantasized about sex with more than one guy many times even before he’d mentioned it.

My co-worker and friend, Jean, who worked with me at the diner, had sex with two doctors whenever she went to their office. Their controversial stress release methods worked wonders for her. Having my car die on me tonight had been stressful, these two guys were going to make me forget all my troubles.

My thoughts snapped to what was happening now as Gil swept his fingers along the side of my breast. The waitress outfit I wore was made of a light material and I could feel the heat of his touch permeating the clothing and melting into my flesh.

I shuddered at his touch.

“You sure are primed, Beauty.”

Gil’s fingers swept ultra-light across the tight fabric over my chest. He stopped at the lace that held the bodice of my uniform together. With one pull, the string loosened. I wore no bra, mainly because not wearing one accented my breasts, allowing my nipples to be prominent against the cloth. I found it got me more tips from the male customers.

I held my breath as he eased the outfit open, bringing the straps down over my shoulders.

We both inhaled as my breasts sprang free. They were deliciously heavy and getting heavier as Gil stared at them. He licked his bottom lip, leaving a glistening trail.

“So sweet,” he whispered.

I trembled as I remembered how much Gil liked to suckle my nipples.

Behind me, the door to room opened. I could hear Joel’s heavy breathing as he stepped into the room. To my surprise, Gil moved away and Joel came around to my front.

Oh wow.

Joel was naked. Toned muscles laced his chest and arms. His giant serpent of a shaft was fully erect. The mushroom-shaped head was engorged with blood, the stalk unbelievably thick — it looked like it was almost ten inches. I’d never seen a man so well-hung. A wicked fire ignited deep inside my pussy. I creamed warmly. I wanted him. I wanted both of them. I wanted them thrusting their cocks inside me.


As if Joel could read my thoughts, he smiled knowingly.

“Easy, girl. Patience. Good things come to those who wait.”

I nodded numbly. Joel moved in closer, but not close enough for his shaft to touch me. His breath smelled faintly of beer. His breathing was shallow and labored as his head lowered.

Lightning streaked through me as Joel’s mouth covered my erect nipple, sucking me. I threw my head back, inhaling deeply at the forbidden sensations rocking me.

Behind me, Gil grabbed my hands, his fingers intertwining tightly with mine. He brought my arms behind my back, allowing my breasts to thrust forward against Joel’s mouth.

Moans and gasps swept past my lips as Gil firmly held my wrists and kissed my neck, while Joel suckled my nipple until pleasure-pain burst through my flesh. Joel reached up and cupped my breasts

, massaging and kneading with his fingers, and moving his mouth from one nipple to the other until I was panting and creaming and tossing my head back against Gil.

I whimpered with disbelief. How could I be aroused with another man sucking me?

“No need to be afraid,” Gil whispered against my ear. He let go of my hands and then cupped my chin and turned my head toward him. He kissed me hard. His lips smoothed over mine in a heated dance of desire.

I became heady as his mouth plundered my lips. He broke the kiss abruptly, leaving me panting and whimpering at the onslaught of shivers and excitement.

“Have a taste, Joel,” Gil growled.

Joel let go of the nipple he’d been pulling on and raised his head. His eyes were dark and full of lust and I closed my eyes as his mouth claimed mine.

Intense heat surged through me.

“You stayed away from us because you were afraid,” Gil said as his warm lips kissed a line of fire along my neck.

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