Taken by Two Bikers(4)

By: Jasmine Black

He was right. The idea of two men taking me had taken a while to sink in, but now the thought of two men impaling me was utterly delicious. All my forbidden fantasies were coming to life. Why not embrace them?

Joel’s kiss deepened. His lips were frantic as he sipped my lower lip into his mouth. A sharp prick of pain stabbed through my flesh as he pinched me with his teeth.


My thoughts spiralled. Anger tinged my pleasure and I kissed him back. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, dueling with his tongue and nipping at his lips with my teeth.

Gil eased my outfit lower, past my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of the uniform. My panties quickly followed. I kicked off my heels too. I stood completely naked in front of both men.

Chapter Three

Joel broke the kiss and gazed down at my nude pussy. He gave out a low growl that shot wicked trembles through me.

“I need her bad,” he said in a thick voice. His eyes were heavy-lidded and dark with intent.

The air in Gil’s room began to heat up as from behind me came the soft sound of Gil’s night dresser drawer sliding open. I knew he kept his condoms and lube there.

“We can do it standing up or lying down,” Joel whispered as he caught a condom that Gil tossed him. I trembled at the rip of foil and the slurps of lube.

“Both,” I managed to say and fought to breathe. Doubts flared as I watched Joel slide the condom over his huge penis. What in the world was I doing jumping into bed with two guys? Shouldn’t I be protesting or something? Demanding some sort of respect? I’d been warned by my mother that I shouldn’t be letting a guy have his way with me until I had his wedding ring on my finger.

But I didn’t really want marriage. I liked my freedom and I liked getting fucked by Gil. Always had. He wasn’t the marrying kind, and I knew that getting into the relationship. I’d known too, through rumors, that in the past, he’d shared his women. I suspect it was his naughty dark side that had drawn me to him.

I quaked, as a shard of fear at what I had once thought was an unthinkable thing to do, was suddenly becoming reality.

“Just relax, Beauty,” Gil murmured in a hard voice. He was now naked and his erection was angling quickly toward his taut belly.

Their body heat was like fire licking my skin as they moved closer to me. The muscles on Joel’s chest and arms flexed as he caressed his penis. I gazed down at the bulging length of his shaft as it neared my pussy. Ribbons of blue veins weaved this way and that heading toward the giant red-flushed cockhead that came closer and closer.

Perspiration sheened across my forehead. My legs trembled. Instinctively, I reached out and wrapped a hand around Joel’s shaft. It was hot and hard and jerked against my palm.

Joel cursed beneath his breath. His eyes brightened as I stroked the length of his velvet-encased shaft, exploring his girth and trying to figure out how that steel-hard flesh was going to get into me.

“I’ve been dying to fuck you from the first time I saw you with Gil, but he wanted to get to know you better before he shared you,” Joel murmured. His eyes were intense and glazed with lust. His voice dripped with desperation.

My cunt was sizzling and weeping wet and my legs weakened as his flesh jerked in my hands. I shook as Gil’s lubed cockhead nudged against my sphincter. My ass had always been extra sensitive, and this time was no exception. He dipped into my ass, working the lubricant against muscles that gripped him like a glove. He groaned and then sank deeper, driving jolts of pressure-pain into me.

I cried out and tried to move away from his explosive penetration. But his hands seared around my waist pushing between Joel and me, one hand slipping between my thighs, his fingers massaging my sensitive clit. Pain was forgotten and pleasure zapped me.

Oh yes. This is what I need.

Hunger filled me. Tension and pleasure built making me gasp and writhe.

“You belong to us now. All of us,” Gil whispered against my ear.

Carnal alarm shuddered through me, and I swallowed back a bout of panic as Gil’s cock, thick and steel-hard, pulsed even deeper inside me. His penis was heavy and the pressure up my ass only intensified. Gil stopped massaging my clit, his hands leaving my waist and then Joel pushed my hands off his penis. Quickly, he penetrated my vagina.

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