Taken by Two Bikers(5)

By: Jasmine Black

The pressure of two shafts sliding into me had me gasping for air.

“Shh, we’ll make up for all the lost time,” Gil said. He swept my hair up, his fingers twisting into my strands to the point where erotic pain seared my scalp. I shivered into the discomfort, enjoying the pain. Gil held me tight as he kissed and nipped at my neck. His mouth was hot, his lips moist, his teeth sweetly sharp against my flesh.

Both cocks pressed deeper. The pressure was intense as they drove their hard thick columns inside. The dual penetration tightened my muscles and a bout of awareness shot through my pleasure like a torpedo. What had Gil meant by all of us?

I sensed he wasn’t telling me something. All of us. He wanted me with more men than just Joel? Instantly, both men moved harder against me and began a steady, pistoning rhythm.

My senses exploded and I cried out, losing all self-control. I moaned in shock as my muscles clenched and spasmed around the big intruders. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. My thoughts disintegrated. My mind was shutting down, my body melting into pleasure. I writhed against them, clenched my fists as they took me. Hard, fast and furious.

Lightning-hot sensations arced through me. Shudders ravished me. Their roughness excited me.

I was sweating, panting, and loving it.

Joel’s mouth clamped over mine. His hips thrust faster. I creamed more. Both stroked faster, deeper. I thrashed and moaned and was swept into the orgasm. It went on forever. They kept pumping. Kept me inside the pleasure as it tore through me like a tornado. My muscles locked onto them, sucking their cocks, loving the pleasure-pain of ultra-deep penetrations.

My legs grew weaker as they kept fucking me. I reached up and slapped my hands over Joel’s shoulders, holding onto him for strength.

They kept riding me. Faster. Deeper. Their muscular bodies slapping against me. The aroma of sex wafted through the air, mingling with the vanilla-scented candles.

Oh wow! I was going to go insane inside this bliss.

I was in the zone, riding the pleasure, crying out both their names, telling them to keep fucking me. Harder! Harder!

Before I knew it, I was keening and convulsing, helpless as they rocked against me. I couldn’t escape the pleasure. I was drowning in it. Loving it. It was like air. I needed it. Wanted it.

“More, more,” I chanted. My vision darkened. They kept fucking me.

Oh wow. So beautiful. I wanted to stay here forever. Forever in bliss.

I didn’t know how it happened, but soon I realized I was on my back on the bed. I didn’t even remember them climaxing or withdrawing from me or them moving me here. But as my breaths heaved and my eyes opened, Joel was climbing up the bed between my spread legs, while Gil was bringing one of my arms up and to the side. Something soft and leathery lashed my wrist. Restraints.

He was breathing hard as he grabbed my other arm and raised it. He lashed my other wrist. He was making sure I wasn’t getting away. Not that I wanted to. They were tying me down. Holding me hostage to their desires.

My pussy creamed hotter, gushing out of me. I needed them fucking me again.

I was shaking as Joel’s hot breath lashed my ultra-sensitive and engorged clit.

“Very nice, sweet baby. Very nice pussy,” Joel whispered. He moved his head downward and I cried out and jerked against the restraints as his intense pleasure licks lashed my clitoris.

“Hey Beauty, we’re just getting started,” Gil groaned as he climbed on his hands and knees over my upper torso, angling his ultra-long cock toward my mouth.

He’d removed his condom. I knew what he wanted.

Wanted to feel my lips wrapped around his shaft. Nothing between us.

Between my thighs, Joel lashed my clit until I was convulsing and moaning. Quickly, he thrust a finger inside my sopping vagina, then a second, and a third. He began pumping his fingers into me. Hard, fast, deep.

Heat uncoiled and convulsive sensations exploded through me. I lost control, drowning in ecstasy once again. I panted into the pleasure and Gil pressed his cockhead into my mouth and I eagerly sucked. I loved his groans and how his cock pulsed and jerked in a dance against my lips.

That I was orgasming and pleasuring Gil at the same time shot shards of extreme happiness through me.

Yeah, I must be crazy. Crazy for doing this. For letting this happen.

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