Taken by Two Bikers(6)

By: Jasmine Black

But it felt right having a man at my pussy and another man fucking my mouth. It felt damned good too.

I took more of Gil’s rigid flesh into my mouth. I caressed his length with my tongue, and nipped his flesh with my teeth. He moaned with appreciation and began thrusting. My lips locked around his plunging flesh and I made love to his cock.

His cock tightened, jerked and he cried out as hot jets spurted down my throat.

Yeah, these two guys were keepers.

Somewhere in the distance I heard the rumble of a motorcycle.

“That would be one of my brothers,” Gil growled as he slipped his limp shaft from my quivering mouth. He made no move to unleash the wrist restraints. Instead, he left me on the bed, with Joel’s mouth leisurely exploring my pussy while Gil poured himself a coffee.

He winked at me.

“Did I mention my oldest brother was coming over to join us?”

Oh mercy. Three bikers fucking me? The idea of having three men taking turns with me while being tied down, spun another jolt of desire through me. I was captured in a web of ménage and I knew there was no turning back.

The End

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