Taken by the Italian Mafia(67)

By: Sadie Black

"Oh my god," she whispered. "Oh my god, oh my—"

"I want you to marry me," Rocco said as he pulled back the lid on the box. Upon a golden band sat an exquisite princess cut diamond, its inner fire dazzling. Smaller diamonds aligned upon the band, making the whole thing sparkle. "I'm a man of my word, Ms. Greene. We're in this together. I want to make it official."

"Oh my god," Whitney whispered. She cast her book aside and stood on shaking legs. "Rocco, I... Yes! Of course I'll marry you!"

A satisfied smirk spread across his face as he took the ring and slipped it onto her left ring finger. The ring was barely on before Whitney caught him by the hands and drew him into a standing position. Before he could catch his balance, she threw her arms around him and held him tight.

"I can't believe you did this now, right when you're about to go to work."

"Mmm, a strategic move on my part," Rocco said with a grin. "While I'm gone you can let the excitement build, and then when I get home, you can reward me in whatever way you see fit."

"Then you better damn well come home to me tonight," Whitney insisted. "I don't want to lose my fiancé before I can show him in full how excited I am to be his future wife."

"A Lombardo is nothing if not honest," Rocco whispered into her ear and kissed the bottom lobe in parting. He pulled from her embrace and kissed her once on the lips before turning to head towards the door. "... When the circumstances allow it, of course. But I swear, you are my reason to keep coming home. I'll be back home before you know it."

Rocco's hand was on the door, already set to go. Whitney's knees still trembled as she watched him, overwhelmed with happiness at the prospect of their future together. For now, and forever.

"I'll see you later, handsome."

"Before you know it, Mrs. Lombardo."

And as the door closed behind him, their future began.

* * *

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