Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(10)

By: Alexa Riley

He comes to the back of the cab and stands over the bed. Our bed.

“Everything went beautifully.” He sits down on the side of the bed and touches my cheek. “Now we are going to make one more quick stop and then it’s home.” He leans down, kissing my lips, and I find myself kissing him back, almost in a thankful way.

He gets in the driver seat, and once the truck is cranked I feel us start to move. We drive for what feels like only a few minutes before he pulls over again.

Once he parks, he comes to the back again and undoes his pants, getting between my legs.

“I had to wait that whole time to fuck you, and now I need to get off again before we get home.”

He slicks the head of his cock at my entrance, lubing it up and pushing in a little. I’m still covered from the last time he had me, so when he thrusts hard, his stroke is slick.

“Oh, fuck yeah. I love having a cum whore in the truck with me for long trips like this.”

I close my eyes tightly at his filthy words. Who would ever want to be called such terrible things?

“Your cunt gets so tight when I talk to you like that. You love it, don’t you? You love being called my personal cum slut, I can feel it.”

Shamefully, I feel my body respond. What is wrong with my body that his horrible treatment gets me soaking wet and hurting with need? I feel so achy between my legs, and it’s not from his rough fucking. I need to cum and I hate it.

Sly leans down and sucks my nipple to just the edge of pain, but all it does is make me wetter. I shout in response and he smiles around my nipple.

“You’re so horny, pet. You couldn’t wait to get off until we got home either. God, what fun we’re going to have. I’m going to keep you sitting on my cock all fucking day so I can dump cum in you any time I feel like it.”

I bite my lip, trying not to cum, holding back as hard as I can. Just as I think I have it under control, Sly reaches up and pinches my other nipple as he sucks hard again. The sensation on my sensitive nipples combined with the hard fucking he’s giving my pussy push me over the edge.

I can’t hold back my scream, and as my orgasm peaks, my arms and legs lock up, just taking the pleasure he’s giving me.

As I come down, I feel Sly jerk out of my body fast and move up to my chest. His cock is huge and almost purple with need. He presses it to my chest between my breasts. He’s covered in my cream, so when he pushes my tits together, he’s able to slide between them without difficulty. He holds them roughly, making a tight seal for his cock to penetrate.

“Open your fucking mouth.”

I do as he says, watching the head of his cock jut up between my breasts, peeking out after each stroke.

“Stick your tongue out.”

He’s so close to the edge, he’s demanding and angry. I don’t want to push his limits, so I do what he says. When I stick my tongue out, the head of his cock kisses it with each stroke. I can taste his cum and some of mine on the end, and I try not to moan at the flavor. What he’s doing to me now should be demeaning. I should hate him for fucking my body this way and turning me into an animal. But my body, as it’s been doing since the moment I’ve met him, betrays me and I enjoy it.

I stick my tongue out further, wanting to taste more. Sly growls and thrusts into my tits one final time, squirting cum on my face and mouth. Our eyes are locked, and as he cums on me, I see his inner beast loving his mark of possession.

Once he’s finished, he relaxes and looks down at me, smiling. Still staring into his eyes, I stick my tongue out, licking cum off my lips and swallowing it.

Sly gives me a wicked smile and moves down my body until we are face to face again. He leans down, and just before he kisses my lips, he whispers, “Mine.”

Chapter 7


Excitement courses through my whole body. I don’t think Cameron knows the lengths I went to for this day. To finally bring home the woman I would be spending the rest of my life with. All the little details and planning. She would understand the reality of what’s really happening here; that everything I do is for us.

I drive down the long driveway that leads to my home and pull up to the side of the house. Shutting off the truck, I turn to my little pet.

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