Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(4)

By: Alexa Riley

The shiver that runs down my back is one of fear and anticipation. Knowing what’s coming isn’t making it any easier to comply.

Sly pulls into the rest stop and parks at the back, along the treeline. There are two other eighteen wheelers here, but they are parked on the off-ramp, which is really far away. If I got out of the truck and screamed, I don’t think they could hear me, let alone if I screamed while inside it.

As soon as the engine is off he’s on me.

“Please! Please!”

He snatches my wrists with both hands and pulls me to the back of the cab. I notice a door behind our seats. He yanks me through and turns on a soft light. The cab is small, furnished with a mattress and a dresser that's bolted to the wall. It’s completely bare of anything else, and when I look back at the mattress, I notice the rope on the floor.

“No, no, no, no, no,” I beg, and pull away.

“I didn’t ask you for your permission, Cameron. I don’t have to. You belong to me now”

He pushes me down on the bed, and I start to struggle, kicking and pushing against him as much as my little body can. He’s twice my size and made of solid muscle. My efforts are useless and I tire quickly, but I still keep fighting.

“Don’t do this! Please stop. Please, Sly.”

I remember once being told that if you use your captive’s name, it can humanize them and help you to form a connection that makes them stop.

He leans down, licking my neck. “Oh fuck, sugar, say my name again. I want to hear it while I fuck that soft cunt. You legal or am I getting inside underage pussy? Doesn’t matter to me. You’ll be mine forever, so you’ll be legal at some point.”

“I’m twenty five.” I always get mad when people tell me how young I look, so my natural instinct is to correct him. Fuck, I should have just kept my mouth shut.

He straddles my stomach, pinning my arms down, my legs kicking behind him uselessly. “Twenty five and never had that cunt fucked? Jesus, Cameron, it’s like you’ve been waiting for me as long as I’ve been waiting on you.”

I try to struggle, but I’m wearing down fast. When he puts the rope around one of my wrists, I feel a jolt of adrenaline race through me. I reach out my other hand, slapping him across the face.

For a split second he’s shocked, but his shock is followed by a wicked smile. “Oh, I see, sugar. You want it rough.” I don’t have time to tell him no before he’s leaning down, biting my nipple hard through my dress.

“Ahh!” I cry out in pain, but then a small shameful part of me feels pleasure. That’s why I’m a twenty-five-year-old virgin. I’ve never understood my body enough to tell someone else to give me what I want. I had a boyfriend in high school whom I asked to spank me once, and he told everyone. I never made the mistake of asking anyone ever again. Feeling the wetness between my legs at Sly’s treatment makes me hate my body and its desires.

He finishes tying off my hands and then moves to my legs. I lie spread-eagle on the mattress, and he’s soon between my legs, looking down at me. Pushing up my dress, he exposes my most private parts, making me burn with embarrassment. He reaches up and pulls down the top of my dress to free my breasts.

After a second he moves to the front and grabs his knife. Fear spikes through me and I start to protest, but when he comes back, he just grabs my dress, cutting it off me. After he jerks the material away, I’m laid out with no covering. I can’t look at him, can’t make eye contact. I just let him see me like this and pray this is all he needs right now. Just to look.

“Let’s see if you were telling the truth about being a virgin.”

He runs the tip of his finger slowly around my belly button, over my naked mound, in between my folds, and over my clit. I hear the sticky sounds of my wetness as he breaches my opening, and shame washes over me.

“Sopping wet already? Oh, Cameron, you’re hungry for it, aren’t you, sugar?”

Sly pushes inside me, and I feel a small pinch as he tries to stretch my opening. He pushes his finger in and out, playing with my tight barrier, seeing if I was telling the truth.

“There is it,” he whispers, leaning down between my legs. I feel him part my opening with his fingers, and then his tongue slides between them, licking my hymen. “Fuck, your virgin cunt tastes so sweet.”

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