Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(6)

By: Alexa Riley

“You ready to take what your pussy is begging me for? Because every drop belongs to you, from now until I take my last breath.” The reminder of my having her forever sends me over the edge. I flood inside her, coating her cherry with my semen. The orgasm is so powerful it’s nearly painful, but it doesn’t ease the ache in my balls at all.

It’s the final straw, and I can’t hold back. My resolve cracks open. Nothing outside of having her will soothe my pain. Until I coat her pussy fully with my cum, I won’t feel relief. Until I know that I’ve marked her deep inside, so deep I drip out of her, I won’t be able to stop.

Thrusting into her, I take her mouth to swallow her pain as she starts to scream. She tries to jerk against me, but I keep my hips locked, fully sheathed inside of her, and wait for her body to relax. Releasing her mouth, I pepper her face with kisses, catching an escaped tear. I whisper to her about how perfect she is for me, how we’ll be together forever, that where I go she will go, nothing will ever take her from me.

When her body finally starts to relax, I begin to move in long, slow thrusts. I have to watch her, so I lean up and move onto my knees. I look down at her, her dark hair spread out all over the mattress, her big tits softly bouncing as I work myself in and out of her, her dark pink nipples pleading to be sucked.

She has her head turned to the side, making me long to have her green eyes on me, but I don’t want to tell her to do it; I want her to do it on her own. Releasing my hold on one of her thighs, I put my thumb on her clit and softly start to strum. I feel her pussy clench, asking me for more.

“God, you’re so perfect, pet. I’m going to spend the rest of my life making you cum for me, over and over, even if you fight me the whole way. But you don’t have to fight. You can just accept your fate.”

She turns her head, meeting my eyes. I pick up speed and thrust a little faster, putting more pressure on her hardening clit. Her eyes travel down my body until they land on where I’m thrusting in and out of her, our bodies joined as one as they always should be. It takes everything I have not to follow her eyes. I know if I do and if I see myself disappearing inside her, I’ll cum.

I can’t look at my cock thrusting in and out of her, her juices and virginal blood coating me. No, not until I make her cum, and I won’t stop until I do. Adjusting my angle, I make my thrusts match the rhythm of my thumb.

“You like that, pet? Seeing that you belong to me? That your body follows my command? That you’re mine to do with as I please?”

“No.” She moans the word, her mouth dropping open as she tries to fight the inevitable orgasm. Her cunt clamps down hard on my cock each time I call her my ‘pet’, making me smile inwardly.

“Be a good little pet and come for me. Watch my cock ride in and out of you while I make you mine.” My words send her over the edge, her eyes closed tightly as her body is taken by the pleasure I’ve given her.

Looking down, I watch as her pussy squeezes all around me while I pump in and out of her, finally getting to see her virginity coating my cock. I cum instantly at the sight. Warm semen shoots deep into her body as my cock pulses against her pussy walls. It’s almost like the rhythm of my heartbeat, and it makes my body tremble with pleasure.

Chapter 4


I lie there silently as he breathes heavily on top of me. He’s still hard inside my body, and I feel a slight ache as his cock twitches with his release. He fucked me and made me cum, and I never told him to stop. I thought if I lay there silently and didn’t look at him it would be what he wanted, but no. He wanted me to tell him how much I liked it. He wanted me to participate in what he was doing.

I’m so ashamed of my body’s response to him. Being tied to a mattress and raped is supposed to be the worst thing a woman can imagine, yet I got off to it. I want to cry, scream…hell, maybe even laugh. I’m flooded with emotions, but the only thing I’m capable of doing is just lying here and taking it.

Sly leans down and kisses my collarbone as he pulls out. I feel his cum spill from me and onto the mattress, leaving a wet spot between my legs.

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