Taking What's His (Forced Submission Book 4)(9)

By: Alexa Riley

Getting up from my seat, I crawl in beside her, wanting to enjoy a few minutes of her in my arms. I lie on my side and pull her as close as the ropes will allow, burying my face in her midnight black hair, the smell of strawberries and sex filling my lungs.

“I’m going to make you so happy, pet. No one will ever treat you the way I will.”

“You mean rape me and keep me tied to your bed?” Apparently she’s done pretending to be asleep.

“Ours,” I say, pulling myself up so I can look down at her. I should’ve turned on the cab light before I crawled back here. I want to look into her big green eyes, but I don’t want anyone to catch sight of my naked captive. No, that wouldn’t do. The thought alone fills me with a blind rage. Her body is for only me to see. I’d have to cut their eyes out if they saw her.


“The bed, pet. It’s ours.” I place a gentle kiss on her soft lips. “And I meant no one will treat you like I do—worship your body, take care of your every need. I’ll give you everything and more.”

“What if what I want is to leave? What if I want to not be with you?”

Lowering my face so we are merely a breath apart, I let the softness drop from my face. She needs to know that while I’ll give her anything she wants, it comes with the condition of her being at my side. Forever.

“I’ll never let you go.” Sliding one hand up her body, I trace her curves until I reach her neck, wrapping my hand around her throat, just resting it there. “I’ll be good to you, but if you ever try to leave me, or allow another man to touch you…” I tighten my grip on her throat just a little. “…I’ll kill you both. If I can’t have you no one can.”

I let the words hang in the air. They are total truth. I can’t live without her; I would slowly waste away into nothingness.

Releasing her neck, I rain kisses around her throat, where I just gripped her. When I’m finished, I pull myself up into a sitting position, brushing my hands across her soft skin.

“I have to get out and drop off this shipment. I won’t gag you because if you need me, I want you to be able to call out for me. I’ll always come for you, Cameron. With that said, heed my warning. If you call out and risk someone taking you from me, or someone seeing you naked because you yelled out trying to leave me, you won’t like the consequences. I find I lack control where you’re concerned. Don’t test my resolve.”

Chapter 6


Sly kisses the tip of my nose before pulling back and making eye contact with me once more. I don’t know how to respond to that so I just nod my head. Once he sees what he needs, he exits the truck and locks the door behind him.

I pull at the ropes on my arms and legs, feeling no give. Luckily they’re soft enough that I don’t think I’ve done too much damage to my body from when I’ve pulled on them. I feel the stickiness between my legs and it’s a reminder of everything he’s done to me, what he’s taken from me, and what I allowed to happen.

Craning my neck, I try to look out, but I can’t see anything. How would I even begin to escape? I don’t have any weapons, and I’m not some kind of secret knot expert. I don’t even know where I am. If I was able to somehow break free, what then? The old saying ‘better the devil you know’ keeps racing through my mind. I’m terrified of what is out there, and I’m not sure I’d get myself into a better situation than the one I’m currently in.

I lie here thinking about how a normal person would react and what a sane person would do right now. I think through every scenario possible and yet all I do is lie here. I also think about all the horrible things that could go wrong right now, like someone breaking in here and seeing me and getting us both killed. Although my fear is building, I don’t take any kind of action or move an inch from where Sly put me.

After a little while has passed, I hear the truck door open and I tense. I’m stone still and terrified of what could happen. I draw a breath, ready to scream.

“It’s just me, pet.”

Hearing his voice shouldn’t make me relax, but it does. I close my eyes and let out the breath I was holding. I was flipping through so many horrible ideas that hearing him come in is almost a relief. Knowing I belong to Sly makes me feel at ease in that moment.

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