Tamed By The Beast(2)

By: Grace Goodwin

He thrust hard and deep then, striking my womb and a hint of pain shot through me. With a shudder, I threw my head back onto his shoulder and wrapped my lower legs around his thighs the best I could to hold him deep, where I needed him.

With my legs around his, he let go of my thighs to lift my breasts. With each move of his hips he shifted a nearly imperceptible amount, but the slight change of angle made his cock hit me deep over and over. He forced me to hold still, to ride him as he pinched and pulled on my nipples, tugging them to hard points until I whimpered. My pussy clenched and released his thick length and I tried to wiggle, to make him move faster.


Holy shit. Did he have a one-track mind! Did he need me to repeat it? Confirm it?

“Mine.” Why did he keep saying that?

This body seemed to know, to understand exactly what he wanted. “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

With each word he fucked me harder, as if my assent made him lose a little more control.

When he dropped one hand to rest over my clit I nearly cried with relief, but he simply held me there, no stroking, no rubbing.

The cuffs around my wrist jangled as I struggled to lift myself with my arms, to shift my hips forward and force him to touch me the way I needed.

His chuckle was so deep, that I knew, that I felt something so big and strong, so massive that I was truly small in comparison. And I knew he was teasing me, making me continue to beg.


He kept one hand over my clit, the other moved up to my hair where his large hand tangled and pulled my head back until my neck arched in a delicious offering. “Mate.”

His lips grazed my ear and I shuddered at the carnal promise in that one word. Yes. I wanted him. He was mine. Forever. I licked my lips, finally ready to speak the words I knew would break his iron control. “Fuck me, mate. Make me yours.”

A shudder moved through his chest and arms. I felt his whole body shake as his control shattered. He held my hair, his fierce thrusts breaking my hold on his legs as he drove in and out of me like a machine, hard, fast, unrelenting.

Pulling nearly all the way out, he used gravity to bring me back down as the weight of my own body impaled me on his cock over and over in a rapid claiming that forced a whimper from my throat.

That one sound of surrender must have been what he was waiting for as he rubbed my clit then, just a little rough, exactly the way I liked.

Head held back, I spiraled into oblivion, riding sensation after sensation as he fucked me like I was the only one for him, as if he would never get enough. As if he’d die if he didn’t fill me with his seed and make me his forever.

I felt feminine and powerful. Beautiful. And I never felt beautiful. The thought distracted me until he released my hair and used his free hand to land a stinging slap on the side of my naked bottom.

I startled, my inner walls contracting around his cock. I moaned. He groaned.

He struck again, somehow knowing I loved it rough, loved the sharp tang of pain.


Thrust. Withdraw.



He spanked my bottom until the heat spread like wildfire through my body, burning me up from the inside out.

When I couldn’t think, could barely breathe, he stopped. Slowly, so slowly that every movement felt as if it took an eternity, he withdrew from my swollen pussy, then pushed his cock inside me once more. Fully seated, he covered my back with his sweat-slick body, caged me in, both arms wrapped around my hips, his hands eager to play with my pussy.

“Come now.”

Lightly, he moved his fingers up and down above my clit, each soft strike a blast to my nerves as he spread my pussy lips open wide with two fingers of each hand and held me open to rub and flick my clit with the others. He’d been so rough and now was gentle. He could be both. He could be everything.

I lost hold of reality as my orgasm roared through me. In the distance, I heard a woman scream, knew it was me, but I was floating in a storm of sensation held together by my mate. I knew he had me, kept me from falling, kept me safe as I took and took and took.

My body pulsed with pleasure and I felt dizzy, disoriented for a moment. I closed my eyes and drew a shuddering breath as the spasms finally faded, as my tensed muscles relaxed. And suddenly, I felt cold, missed the heat of my mate at my back.

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