Tamed By The Beast(3)

By: Grace Goodwin

Panicked and unsure, I opened my eyes and blinked against the bright lights of a clinical setting. A concerned woman watched me closely from where she stood next to the strange bed on which I lay. I tried to lift my arm to rub my face, my eyes, but found I could not, my wrists cuffed to what looked like an oversized dentist’s chair.

One look down at my body and reality came flooding back. A gray, hospital-style gown covered me, but was open in the back. I was naked beneath, the slide of my now wet ass and thighs testament to my body’s state of arousal. I was in Miami, at the alien bride center. I’d flown here yesterday after telling my boss at the restaurant in Milwaukee to go fuck himself and walking out in the middle of my shift. That had felt fucking great.

The damn plane ticket had cost every last dime I had in the bank, but I didn’t care. I needed a change. A massive change. And I wasn’t going back.

“Are you all right, Miss Wilson?” The woman before me wore a dark gray uniform with a strange burgundy insignia above her left breast. I remembered her now, Warden Egara. She’d been nice enough, and completely professional, which I appreciated. Most of the time people freaked out over my size, even at the doctor’s office.

The warden was trim and beautiful, and everything I’d never been. She probably had men lining up to ask her out, to get her naked and make her come all over their cocks.

Me? Men asked me to dog-sit and go get coffee. The orgasm I’d just had? Yeah, it was the first given to me by someone else since I was barely out of high school. My lovers had been few and far between, and not one of them strong enough to lift me up and fill me from behind. Or to know exactly how to touch me, how to push me to the brink, taunt me, then take me over.

I knew my eyes were glazing over, but I couldn’t help relishing the memory, the feeling of that huge cock filling me up and making me a touch sore, of those huge hands making me feel beautiful and small… making me feel like… her. The other me, the me that didn’t really exist, that was pure fantasy in my mind. Just like him.

“Miss Wilson?” The warden tilted her head down and studied me more closely, something I definitely did not need at the moment, not while my bare bottom was sliding all over the chair, wet with my own arousal.

“I’m fine.” I tried to lift my hands, to adjust the hospital gown where it had inched up just past mid-thigh, but the cuffs stopped me cold. Damn.

“Are you sure? The matching process can be… intense.”

So, was that what they were calling mind-numbing orgasms these days? Intense? Hell, yes, that had been intense. I’d like more then, please.

She looked sympathetic, and I found I wanted to tell her everything. Hell, I wanted to ask her the one burning question I’d been too afraid to ask. But I couldn’t find the courage. I was terrified of the answer. Instead, I pasted a smile on my lips. “Yes. I’m fine.”

“Excellent.” She smiled and nodded, apparently convinced by my halfhearted attempt at a smile of my own that I wasn’t about to go into shock or have a mental breakdown. Obviously, she’d never had to wait tables for a busy dinner shift with puking kids and drunken idiots surrounding her in equal numbers. I could handle a whole lot more stress than this. And orgasm stress? Yeah, that wasn’t stress at all. It was… overwhelming.

I tried to relax, leaned back into the chair and focused on counting as I pulled air into my lungs. Four in, four out. That’s how I did things.

The room was pale and white, clinical, and I felt like I was in an emergency room, not a bride processing center, but when you were about to commit to life as an alien’s bride, I guess they did things a bit differently.

Her fingers moved over a small tablet too fast for me to track, and frankly, I didn’t care what she was doing, as long as the stupid matching thing worked. Which, I realized, I had no idea if it had.

“Did it work? Do I have a match?” I swear my heart stopped beating as I waited for her answer.

“Oh, yes. Of course you do.”

I shuddered, my sigh loud, even to my own ears, and she lifted a hand to my shoulder in a sympathetic gesture. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were worried about that. You’ve been matched to Atlan.”

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