Tamed By The Beast(63)

By: Grace Goodwin

And still he fucked me like a machine. His pace relentless. I didn’t have time to think. To breathe.

I could only scream as I came all over his cock. But he didn’t stop, pushing me over again as soon as the first orgasm had rolled through me.

My mate smiled then, his face half man, half beast as he pulled his cock free from me. I felt empty, my pussy walls clenching down on nothing.

“No. Deek! No!” I was too hot, too horny, too out of control. “I need you. Fuck me. More. I need more.”

“Don’t worry, mate, I’m not done with you yet.” His grin was pure satisfied male as he lowered his mouth to my clit and sucked until I saw stars. I rode the edge, my pussy empty and aching as he used his mouth and tongue to tease me, to take me to the very edge of release over and over, but never let me come.

“Deek, please. Please.” I couldn’t take any more. I needed him inside me. Filling me. Completing me. Making me feel like we’d never be separated again. Making me whole.

“Mate.” He kissed his way up my sweaty body, lingering on my breasts, sucking on each nipple until I begged him to stop, to kiss me on the lips, to fill me up with his cock.

He lowered his forearms on each side of my head and took my mouth. I moaned in welcome, tears of relief, of need leaking from my closed eyes as I gave him everything. I didn’t hold back. I surrendered and kept nothing for myself.

I sighed when he filled me again, his cock moving inside me in a leisurely pace so at odds with his prior wildness that I knew something was different.

He had fucked me before. He’d fucked me dozens of times since my arrival.

But this? This was deeper. I felt like he was worshipping my body, loving me with more than words.

He kissed me with his cock buried deep, connecting us. He didn’t rush, didn’t demand, simply let me know that he loved me, that I was safe in his arms, sheltered beneath him, and always would be.

I tore my lips from his and stared up into the greenest eyes I’d ever seen.

“I love you, Deek.”

“I love you, too, mate. Never, ever doubt that again.”

I nodded and lifted my lips to his, kissing him with as much tender devotion as he’d shown me. He growled in response, and I felt his cock grow impossibly bigger inside me right before he filled me with his seed, his life, his promise of forever.

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