Tea & Comfort (Madrona Island Series Book 2)(96)

By: Andrea Hurst

Kyla placed her hand on his. “It’s real, Luke. We found each other.”


The Madrona trees, their smooth red bark, slick leaves, and white fairy flowers beckoned Kyla outside the silky tent. The guests were nestled in the vineyard in wooden chairs. Notes of “Pachelbel’s Canon” drifted through the air as Siri’s string quartet began playing the song.

The bridal party proceeded ahead with Jude and Lily in their pearl-colored gowns, bouquets in hand, walking down the aisle arm in arm with the groomsmen, Ian, and Ryan. They took their place on the stage on each side of Luke. Kyla’s heart skipped a beat. He looked so handsome standing there in his silver-grey tuxedo and creamy rose boutonniere waiting for her. She stood by the door watching the flower girl skip down the aisle tossing rose pedals in the air with glee. Following her, dressed in a doggie tuxedo, was Bailey. In his mouth he carried a small basket with the wedding rings tucked inside. Friendly faces turned and encouraged them.

Kyla’s mother stood beside her and squeezed her hand. “Are you ready?” she asked.

Kyla admired her exquisite pearl-white- and blush-colored tulle dress with the cap sleeves. The iridescent pearl applique trickled down the full-length skirt in a floral pattern. She touched the antique necklace her grandmother had placed around her neck for her “something old.” It was time.

She stepped into the light of the gloriously sunny day and glided past the rows of family and friends. As she walked by, Betty and Mary waved, and a grinning Shirley shot her a wink. Familiar faces blurred as they moved toward the stage. Grandpa John, sitting right up front with Jason, nodded with an affirming smile. The sound of violins rose in the air as Kyla approached the grape vine arbor covered in flowers and twinkling lights.

Luke’s eyes met hers. His face softened as his bride came into view, then a beaming smile burst across his face. Kyla could hardly move up the steps to join him. Luke nodded slightly toward the front row of seats. Kyla glanced over, and alongside Stefan and Lizbeth was Alexander, Luke’s father, sitting beside Grace. Everyone was here.

But at this moment, only one person had Kyla’s complete attention and all of her heart. She stepped up on the oak platform and took her place beside Luke. Tears of joy welled up inside her. The music stopped and Kyla turned to face the man she would happily spend the rest of her life with. All of her running had led her right here to this perfect moment.


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