The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window(10)

By: Kirsty Moseley

“Liam!” I whisper yelled at him.

He snapped his eyes open and looked at me, shocked. His expression quickly changed to his trademark smirk, which I wanted to slap right off of his face. “Well good morning, Angel. Wow, this is a first,” he purred, raising his eyebrows, his smile amused.

“Will you let go of me for goodness sake?” I whisper yelled at him. He raised his hands in a I surrender fashion and I quickly rolled off him. “It’s six,” I grumbled, frowning.

He rolled onto his side to look at me. “OK. Don’t be mad at me all day today, please. I didn’t know I did that, I’m sorry, Angel, OK?” he whispered, kissing my forehead before quickly climbing out of the bed and throwing on his clothes.

“OK, whatever,” I mumbled, settling into his warm spot in the bed where he had been laying.

“I’ll see you later.” He shot me a wink before climbing out of my window. Rolling over, I buried my face into his pillow, I could still smell him and it made me feel safe and calm. I drifted back to peaceful sleep for another hour.

After getting dressed more peacefully than yesterday, I stuck in my iPod and was happily dancing down the hallway when I spotted him eating my cereal again. Every freaking day! I sighed and stole the bowl out of his hands.

“Damn it, Liam, there’s like four other cereals in the cupboard and you only eat mine! Why? Do you do it just to piss me off?” I asked, frowning, as I started munching on my breakfast.

“Good morning to you too, Angel,” he said politely, with an amused smile on his face.

“Right, hi.” I plopped down and eating my cereal as Jake came into the kitchen.

“Hey, guys, you nearly ready to go?” Jake asked, throwing us each a juice box as usual. We both nodded and headed to Liam’s car.

As I got to school, Sean grabbed me and pulled me off for a talk. “What’s up?” I asked, concerned. He actually looked a little frantic; his hair was all messy, it looked as if he had been pulling on it or running his hands through it a lot, his eyes were tight with stress.

“I forgot it’s Terri’s birthday tomorrow, and I have no idea what to get her!” he cried desperately, running his hands through his hair roughly, confirming my earlier suspicions about the style.

“Calm down, you’ve still got time. Now, what sort of thing does she like?” I asked, thinking about Terri and all the things I knew about her.

“I wanted to get her something she could keep, but I don’t know what….” He closed his eyes, obviously panicking.

“Sean, calm down. How about some pretty earrings? She likes studs, right? You could also get her a new jewellery box or something to put them in,” I suggested.

His face brightened. “Yeah! She has this like old crappy jewellery box at the moment. That’s a great idea! Oh God thank you, Amber. I owe you big time! I’m gonna skip this morning so I can go get it,” he said, smiling excitedly and running off, shouting bye over his shoulder. I walked back to the school and noticed that there was hardly anyone around.

Holy crap, am I late? I started to run down the hallway; I could see Liam and a couple of his friends walking towards me.

“Slow down, Angel, you’ll fall,” Liam shouted, smirking at me as I half ran, half walked towards him. As I passed him, he stuck his foot out tripping me up, but before I hit the floor he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, and pulled me upright. “Jeez, Angel, I know I’m hot, but you don’t need to fall at my feet,” he teased, making all his friends laugh. I slapped him hard on the chest, glaring at him. “Oh I like it a bit rough, Angel, you know that,” he said, smiling wickedly. He still hadn’t let go of my waist, he stepped forward and pressed his body against mine, his hands slipped down to my ass. “Mmm nice,” he purred in my ear.

I hated being touched; it brought back memories of my Father. I gasped, and before I could even think about what I was doing, I jerked my leg up and kneed him in the balls. He grunted and let go quickly, bending in half and clutching his groin.

“Keep your fucking hands off me!” I shouted, trying not to cry. I was struggling to breathe and my hands were shaking.

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