The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window(8)

By: Kirsty Moseley

I slapped his hand away from my face and gave him and looked at him angrily. “That was so embarrassing!” I hissed.

“What’s the problem? Most girls would love for me to do that to them,” he replied, shrugging and walking off towards the magazines.

I stomped my foot, then blushed because I had just stomped like a child; thankfully Liam wasn’t watching otherwise I would never hear the end of it. He grabbed a sports magazine and a bar of chocolate and stalked off towards the counter to pay.

I was happily flicking through Teen Vogue when two boys walked over to me. I stiffened. “Well hello there,” one of them purred. I nodded in acknowledgement, and put the magazine back, walking off quickly to find Liam.

“Hey, where you going?” the other guy asked, grabbing my hand.

My heart started to race as I looked around, frantically. “I’m looking for my boyfriend,” I lied, trying to sound confident.

“Boyfriend? I don’t see a boyfriend,” the other guy said, sneering at me. “How about we go somewhere and get to know each other better?” the boy who was holding my hand offered, pulling me towards him slightly.

I felt sick. Oh God, Liam, help me please! I know I’m pathetic but I just hate confrontation and I hate people touching me, especially people I don’t know.

“Hey, Angel,” Liam said, slinging his arm around my shoulder and glaring at the two guys who immediately dropped my hand and took a step back. I moved closer to Liam’s side and pressed into him so hard that it actually hurt. “I hope you guys weren’t hitting on my girl,” he said casually, but I could hear the anger in the tone of his voice. Liam has always been protective of me; one time a boy pushed me over into a puddle when I was seven, and Liam went straight round to the boy’s house and punched him in the face.

“No way, man. We were just talking, that’s all,” the guy lied, holding up his hands innocently.

“That’s good. Come on then, Angel, let’s get you home,” Liam said, guiding me towards the door. Once we were outside, he turned to look at me. “You OK?” he asked, looking at me concerned. I was OK; my heart had stopped trying to break out of my chest as soon as I heard his voice.

I nodded and smiled at him gratefully. “Thanks,” I muttered. He opened the car door and waited for me to climb in, before going around to his side again. Once he was in he tossed something into my lap, I looked down it was a bar of my favourite chocolate, I couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks, Liam.” He was always doing sweet things like buying me candy, it was just a shame he was such a man-whore jerk, otherwise he would probably be a nice guy.

When I got to my house, I went straight to work making a lasagne for dinner. Liam hovered around the kitchen behind me, making me feel violated as he stared at my body. “For goodness sake, Liam, my eyes are up here!” I cried angrily, pointing to my face.

He laughed. “Wow, you really are in a bad mood with me today, huh?” he teased, smirking.

“Yeah I am. I can’t believe you this morning. I hate rushing around; I’ve looked and felt like shit all day,” I cried acidly.

“I think you’ve looked hot all day,” he countered, shrugging.

“Ugh, can you just stop talking to me? I’m not in the mood.” I threw the food in the oven and started to chop up some salad.

“Fine, whatever.” He shrugged again and came to stand next to me, helping me chop up the salad stuff. He was standing so close to me that I could feel the heat radiating from his body to mine, it was strangely calming.

“I’m gonna go start my homework. That lasagne will be done in half an hour; I suppose you’re staying for dinner,” I stated. It wasn’t a question, I knew he would. I’m not sure whether Jake asked him to stay with me when he was out, but Liam always did anyway.

“Sure, seeing as you asked me so nicely.” He smirked.

“I wasn’t asking,” I growled sarcastically as I turned to walk off.

He grabbed my hand and stepped closer to me, he was so close my chest was touching his, I could feel his breath blowing across my face. “Angel, I’m sorry about this morning, I am. Please stop being all bitchy to me, it doesn’t suit you,” he said quietly.

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