The Broken Pieces of Us(4)

By: M.N. Forgy

He laughed and nodded. “Yeah, on a motorcycle.”

The light turns green, snapping me from my daydream. Locks and I were inseparable from that night on. I fell so fast and hard; it was all a blur. Even though I know he has been cheating on me for the last several months, seeing it, finalizing the death of our marriage, shreds me.

A sudden laugh escapes my mouth, breaking through the sobs. But Bull, he just hired me to clean the club and keep an eye on Locks. Not that it will keep him from messing around on me, but if it’s one thing Locks preaches about, it’s women aren’t allowed at the club. Like it’s a fucking man cave or some shit, so at least this will really piss him off. I mean, I’ve been to the club and stayed my fair share of hours, but it’s mostly before or after get-togethers. Locks never seemed happy I was at any of them, not here lately anyway. My phone rings from inside my purse on the passenger seat. I lean over and grab it, swerving into oncoming traffic as I fish it out.

Just as I lean up, a black car swerves to miss my truck, honking its horn at me.

“Fuck! What?” I answer the phone, frantically.

“It’s me, Ruby. What the fuck is your problem?” my sister snaps. I sigh. I only talk to her every couple months, usually when she needs something.

“I just caught Locks messing around on me,” I say softly. I should be more broken-hearted than I am, but I’m angry more than anything.

She gasps. “Shit,” she whispers. “Anyway, we have a problem. Meet me out front of the hospital,” Ruby demands.

“The hospital? What for?” I ask.

“It’s Scarlett; she’s overdosed, again,” Ruby says, ending the call, not even saying bye before hanging up.

“Shit,” I whisper as I do a U-turn right in the middle of the freeway, cars honking their horns, swerving to pass me, and slamming on their brakes not to crash into me.

“Yeah, screw you too, buddy!” I yell out my window to an old man flipping me the bird.


I meet Ruby at the front of the hospital. She looks beautiful as always with her bright red hair straight and flowing down her shoulders and her green eyes done up with black, smoky makeup. She is wearing blue jean capris with a green tank. My little sister and I have nothing in common but the color of our hair and eyes. At my age of forty and hers of thirty-two, we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. She got pregnant young, and our mother kicked her out. Ruby leaving was one of the hardest things I have been through.

She came to California and shacked up with some rich guy, got her a job, a house, and a car. Then she found out he was married and took everything he gave her and left. Some bitches have it so lucky. If I took what Locks gave me, it would be a cheap wedding ring he bought me years ago and that’s it. I look down at my hand; I don’t even wear the damn thing anymore. We have grown apart I guess, so what’s the point.

Ruby and I make our way into the emergency room and into Scarlett’s room. She is pale and has vomit all over her. I stare at the tubes going into the crook of her elbow and wires going down the front of her gown.

“She really did a number on herself this time,” Ruby whispers, not entering the room.

Ruby crosses her arms and looks down the hall, her lips pursed

“I can’t do this anymore, Delilah,” Ruby says, beginning to cry.

“Do what?” I ask, placing my hand on my hip, curious at what she’s going on about.

“I will not watch my daughter kill herself, shoot herself up with poison and whore herself out for a high.” Her voice cracks, heavy with emotion. “I have watched my daughter die more times than a mother should in one lifetime,” Ruby says, wiping her face with the back of her hand.

“So what are you saying?” I question, looking back down at the fragile eighteen-year-old in the hospital bed.

“I’m done. I have given her more than enough chances; this was her last. She wants to kill herself, she can do it elsewhere,” Ruby declares, turning and walking away. How can she say that? How can she give up on her daughter? Does she not remember what her own mother did to her, throwing her out to the wolves? This is why Ruby called me. She knew I wouldn’t walk away from Scarlett.

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