The Broken Pieces of Us(48)

By: M.N. Forgy

“Oh, my God,” Scarlett shrieks. “This is all my fault,” she cries. I grab her hand and squeeze tightly. “We all played a part of this, darlin’,” I comfort. Her body wracks as she sobs and cries, her nose sniffling up snot.

“Babs would want you to go get help,” I mumble. She stops crying, her body still. She closes her lips and nods.

“I’ll go,” she whispers. I bend down in her line of sight, brushing her hair behind her ear.

“It’s for the best. I’ll come visit and put you in the best place in California, darlin’. You won’t do this by yourself,” I inform, cupping her cheek. I stand and leave the room, locking it when Doc leaves, just in case.

“You are a good man, Bull,” Doc mumbles, smiling.

I smirk. It does feel good to do something right for once. I feel better right now than I have in a long time, my body lighter from the raised grief and tension. I’m going to be there along the way for Scarlett, help her get a grip on her life. She is too gorgeous, too smart to be dumbing herself down to this level. I walk down the hall, running my hands through my unruly hair.

“Meeting, tell the boys,” I inform Bobby, who looks at me with a confused look. I haven’t held a meeting as the president of this club in a while, too fucked up on the booze. Thank fuck for Shadow, he has been here keeping this place together while I got my shit together.

“You got it, Prez,” Bobby replies, smiling.

I walk in the chapel, sit in my chair, pull my cigs out, and light one.

Life gives us cards that seem unfair, unfit, giving you an unfair disadvantage to live life as you want it. But that’s just it; life doesn’t give a fuck what you want. You have to take those cards and see what you can make of them, be grateful for what you have and realize your hand in life could be a lot shittier. Stop thinking about the winning you could have, and make do with what you got.

“You’re back?” Shadow observes, a smirk across his face as he walks into the room.

I smile, taking a drag of my cigarette.

“I’m back.”

I want to thank everyone who helped me put this book together, It was a difficult one to write, based on the hellish life Bull had created for himself.

I want to thank my betas for the time they took out for me. Emily, Nisha, Keisha, Stephanie, Jennifer, Tracey, Bel, Anitra.

A big thank you to Love Between The Sheets for the cover reveal, and release day blitz.

Thank you to Cover It Designs, the cover is amazing, and I am beyond grateful for the time you put into the cover.

Thank you Max Effect, you are awesome at formatting.

I want to give a big kiss to my street team, you guys rock! Every blog that posted on my behalf, I appreciate your time.

Hot Tree Editing, you are amazing in all you do, thank you for looking over my work, smoothing it out to be perfect.

I want to say thank you to my readers, without you none of this could be possible.

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